Painting: A new beginning

Hello everyone. Lots of news and happenings from GW recently. Advancing the story with the fall of Cadia (if you have not know by now), the returning of Primarchs, it is an exciting time to be hanging around Warhammer 40k now. With releases of beautiful models I am looking forward to painting again! The big […]

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Battle Review: Tau Empire

Greetings all heroes and villains of the Warhammer 40k universe. It has been a long haitus from 40k and I am not sure I am back yet but I can say I have never left. Many friends are still playing and enjoying this game. Many things has happened and a quick summary has below: Sold […]

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Tournament: Last Chancers

Time pass and go really fast. It has been slightly more than a year since I last sign up and attend an 40k tournament. Well, I finally went and break away from my comfort zone. I signed up for the Last Chancers tournament happening on 26oct2013. Although I have been inert, I have not been […]

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Army List: Necrons 6th Edition

2000 points HQ 01 Anrakyr the Traveller 01 Catacomb Command Barge(Gauss Cannon) 01 Necron Overlord(Waryscythe, Mindshackles Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave, Phylactery) 01 Catacomb Command Barge(Gauss Cannon) 03 Royal Court(01 Harbinger of Storm, 02 Harbinger of Destruction w/ 01 Solar Pulse) 03 Royal Court(01 Harbinger of Storm, 02 Harbinger of Destruction w/ 01 Solar Pulse) TROOP 05 […]

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Death of Armor 11?

How many people still dare to field Rhinos? Landspeeders? Not many from my observation. Main reason why this is happening would be, easy VP give away for First Blood. It is not possible to be able to hide your transport in every game due to terrain setup. Most games, you will be able to at […]

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Spore 2012 end

Hi guys, It has been almost a year since I last posted anything here. Where have I been? Computer games and MMORPG has taken up my hobby time and had no motivation to play Warhammer40k. Still made small purchases here and there to update my army. Have not missed any codex that was being released […]

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