History Page

Since this is a fresh start at WordPress and I have no idea how to bring the previous contents over… I am just going to do a short recap here. This is dated 26 Oct 2008.

My second game on the same day is against Jerry’s Dark Angels.

Jerry’s Dark Angels Roster (Using partial SM codex)
01 Librarian (Force weapon, Bolt pistol, Vortex of doom, Smite) 100
01 Chaplain (Rosarius, Bolt pistol) 100
05 Tactical inc Sgt (Melta gun, Pfist) in Razorback 160
05 Tactical inc Sgt (Melta gun, Pfist) in Razorback 160
10 Tactical inc Sgt (Lascannon, Pfist) 205
10 Tactical inc Sgt (Lascannon, Pfist) 205
01 Ven Dreadnought (Multi melta, Missile launcher, Extra armor) 190
10 Devastator (04 Missile launchers) 230
01 Vindicator (Hunter-killer) 125

(I only have SM codex so the points is probably out)

Alvin’s Tyranids Roster

01 Hive Tyrant (02 TL-Devourer, Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses, Winged; Psychic Scream) 171pts
01 Hive Tyrant (02 TL-Devourer, Toxic Sacs, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace; Psychic Scream) 156pts
02 Tyrant Guard 90pts
01 Carnifex (Barbed Strangler, Scything Talon) 113pts
01 Carnifex (Barbed Strangler, Scything Talon) 113pts
03 Warrior (01 Scything Talon/Deathspitter, 02 Scything Talon/Rending Claw/+1WS) 78pts
08 Genestealer (Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks) 160pts
08 Genestealer (Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks) 160pts
08 Spinegaunt (Without Number) 64pts
01 Carnifex (Crushing Claws, Scything Talon, +1WS, Toxic Miasma, Scythe Tail, Bonded Exoskeleton, Reinforced Chitin, Extended Carapace) 200pts
03 Zoanthrope (Psychic Scream, Warp Blast) 195pts

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched battle
1st turn: Dark Angels
DA deployed everything on the left side (in my view) of his deployment zone. The two HQs joined the 05 man tactical and hop in the razorbacks.
Tyranid deployed everything opposite DA with 02 genestealers outflanking and spinegaunts in reserves.

1st turn razorbacks and vindicator moved ahead 12″. Shooting saw my 03 zoanthropes and 01 carnifex died by turn 3 while I only destroyed his vindicator. When Jerry’s squad disembarked from the razorback and got shot to force morale check, they all fail and run back. Thus making me unable to assault them. Sigh. Marines being marines they are, the following turn they turn around and shoot at me again, and killed another zoanthrope.

Overall, outflanking genestealers killed 01 tactical squad and devastator squad while the same squad killed off 01 squad of genestealer brood. Flyrant chased down the 2nd tactical squad. Carnifex assault and destroyed both razorback. Godfex kills off chaplain and squad but killed off while advancing towards the dreadnought. Warriors assault and finished off librarian and squad. Spinegaunts came in on the extreme right and I hid them there throughout the game.

Game ended turn 6, Dark Angels left dreadnought while Tyranid left 01 genestealer brood, both tyrant, warrior brood and spinegaunts. Victory to Tyranids.

Jerry is playing a bit recklessly but he doesn’t mind. He wants to be reckless he said. 😀 Overall, psychic scream worked against me rather than for me. I couldn’t get into assault with units I want to charge. Perhaps I am playing it wrongly.