Eldar vs Tyranid

It’s a 1500pts game that happened on 24th Jan 08.

It’s my first game in 3 months! Feeling great to be able to roll those little dices again. I think perhaps I play this game just to roll dices.  🙂

Eldar roster
01 Farseer (Runes of witnessing, doom, fortune)
01 Yriel
10 Scorpions inc Exach (Claw, stalking)
01 Wave Serpent (TL-EML)
10 Harlequins inc Shadowseer (10 kisses)
05 Guardian bikes inc warlock
06 Pathfinders
01 Wraithlord (Wraithblade, Brightlance, 02 Flamer)
01 Wraithlord (Wraithblade, Brightlance, 02 Flamer)

Tyranid roster
01 Broodlord(Feeder, Flesh hook)
08 Genestealer retinue (Ext-C, flesh hook)
08 Genestealer (Ext-C, flesh hook)
10 Genestealer (Scuttler, Flesh hook)
10 Genestealer (Scuttler, Flesh hook)
10 Genestealer (Scuttler, Feeder)
10 Genestealer (Scuttler, Feeder)
08 Spineguant (w/o number)
03 Zoanthrope (Synapse, Warp Blast)

Annilihiation, Dawn of War

Tyranid setup 1st deploying 02 brood of genestealer in the middle of the board. Eldar deployed guardian bikes to the right corner. Inflitration saw broodlord setup in the middle of Eldar deployment zone while Pathfiners find themselves sitting in cover comfortably to the right corner of the board. Rest of the genestealers outflanked, spinegaunts in reserves.

Nid: Zoanthrope came on the right side of board and ran.
Eld: Scorpion in serpent and 01 Wraithlord came on right. Yriel+farseer+harlerquins middle and a Wraithlord flank them on the left. Yriel and gang assaults broodlord+retinue and emerge victorous.

Nid: Zoan move up and shot at pathfinders, no casualty. 02 outflanking genestealer came on the right side and CCed guardian bike and pathfinders. guardian bikes left warlock standing while pathfinders are wiped. Spinegaunts came in from reserves too, enter on the right and stayed there whole game(in cover).
Eld: Serpent+Wraithlord shot down 01 Zoan. Some genestealer from middle of board died from shooting. CC saw warlock dead.

Nid: 01 brood of Genestealer managed to assault serpent and destroys it. Rest of genestealer are position to be out of assault range.
Eld: Genestealers whom destroyed the serpent got flamed and wiped by Wraithlord. Scorpion moved onto serpent debris.

Nid: Last outflanking genestealer arrive on the right. Rest of genestealer hold positions. Shooting saw zoanthrope kill 3 scorpions.
Eld: Scorpion move up and charged 01 Zoanthrope, killing it. Yriel and gang moved closer.

Nid: All genestealers brood moved out to engage whatever they can. 02 broods on the right and 02 broods in the middle. Only 01 brood of Genestealer managed to assault the Wraithlord on the right and kills it. 02 brood of Genestealer in the middle assaulted the middle Wraithlord, taking it down to one wound. Last zoanthrope kills off remaining scorpions.
Eld: Yriel detaches and solo charged the middle genestealer brood. Farseer and Harlequins moved to charge Genestealer brood on the right. Activating the Eye, Yriel kills off a big chunk of middle genestealer brood. Wraithlord finishing the left overs. Harlequins charged genestealer brood on the right and wins combat easily.

Tyranid conceded as there isn’t anything killy after. KP wise is like Eldar08:Nid04

Harlequins and friends vs Wraithlord… perhaps I should have targeted the harlequins and kill them. Would stand a better chance since they lose the furious charge. At I7 when Harlequins charged, my genestealer isn’t good. Next time.

In addition, I have inflitrated broodlord too near his table-edge thinking to push back his deployment. I forgot it’s Dawn of War and everything else comes in on turn 01. Major fail on my part.

It’s good to be playing again. Eldar played well. We’ll meet again. The broods is always hungry.