Marines vs Tyranids

Last sat proves to be an exciting weekend. Scheduled a game with Shawn on a practice game at 750pts.

Once again, the Marines faces Tyranids and the nids are hungry.

01 Chapter Master
10 Tactical (Missile, Meltagun)
10 Tactical (Missile, Meltagun)
01 Vindicator
01 Thunderfire Cannon

01 Tyrant (Scything talon, lash/bonesword, WS, Str, Implant attack, Shadow in the warp)
03 Tyrant guard (Rending, Lashwhip)
01 Carnifex (02 Scything talon, WS, Toxic miasma, Re-inforced chitin, Ext-Carapace)
01 Carnifex (02 Scything talon, WS, Toxic miasma, Re-inforced chitin, Ext-Carapace)
04 Ripper
08 Spinegaunt (w/o num)
08 Spinegaunt (w/o num)

03 Objectives/Spearhead on 4 by 4 table.

Placed 03 objectives and SM wins roll  on deployment. Deployed into terrain in a corner while placing them as near his table edge as possible. Nids deployed as close as possible.

SM: Orbital bombardment saw a tyrant guard dead and carnifex took a wound. Thunderfire saw rippers reduced to 1 base with 2 wounds left. Was depending on the rippers to get 2+ cover (swamp and going to ground) but thunderfire’s no cover save rounds absolutely destroyed the rippers.
Nid: Everything moved up.

SM: Shooting saw another tyrant guard dead. Some spinegaunts died from scattering shots.
Nid: Continues to move closer. Rolling on 2 for run sucks.

SM: Shooting saw last tyrant guard dead and tyrant took 2 wounds. Carnifex took 1 wound.
Nid: Moved Tyrant behind a cover. Nids are about 10″ away now. 02 Carnifex continues to advance. Spinegaunts stayed near Tyrant and a objective.

SM: Shooting saw Tyrant died to bolter rounds while surviving  AP 1&3 rounds. Argh, the irony. Can’t seems to make 3+ and 2+ armor save. Keep failing them. 01 Carnifex took another 2 wounds. Thus 01 carnifex left 2 wound and another left 4 wounds.
Nid: 2 wounds carnifex charged a tactical near SM firing line while 4 wounds carnifex charged another tactical near another objective nearby. Both carnifex won combat with 01 tactical w/ 2 wounds carnifex falling back safely while tactical with 04 wound carnifex stayed passing their leadership check. Spinegaunts lurked.

SM: As the carnifex the within 6″ of both falling back tactical, they continue to fall back. Shooting saw the carnifex still surviving to hang around, phew. 4 wounds carnifex finishes off the tactical squad.
Nid: 2 wounds carnifex assaults chapter master squad and kills the master off while taking a wound in the process from tactical. Since it’s turn 5 already, spinegaunts rolled for leadership test on 5 in order to claim the objective and …. I rolled a 5! :> And since the two carnifexes are eliminating the tacticals, if the game ends now SM will not be claiming any objective. I get to roll if game ends…. and 2 was rolled. Game ended with SM 0: Nid 1.

Post Game
It is a tough matchup, a very shooty Marines with a CC oriented Nid Monsterous. Shooting has proved to be very effective as they killed off a lot of my nids (in addition I can’t roll a save seems. sucks.) Taking out the Tyrant really shakes everything. I thought Nids will lose from the looks of it. Once the carnifex hit his lines, they absolutely crush the marines but thats what he wants. To be able to shoot at it again.

Taking out the rippers on 1st turn shakes me too as I was depending on them to give my forces their cover save. Darn thunderfire cannon.

Overall, I was consistant with my dice rolling to the end. Cant roll a save for sakes but roll 5 for leadership and ending turn on 2. Ha… the irony.