Leman Russ tanks

Everybody on the net knows about bells of lost soul and the news they bring. They are never far off the mark when it comes to news and rumors. Recently they posted on their blog about the coming IG codex and their tanks.

Highlights are:
Hellhounds: Fast vehicle.
Leman Russ: All variants can move 6″ and fire everything, OR move 6″ and move additional 1D6″.

This is breaking my heart. The tanks are getting freaking cool.

There is 2 variant that I particularly like:
LR Eradicator: 14 13 10 Tank. Eradicator Nova Cannon: 36″ S6 AP4 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Ignores cover saves.
LR Punisher: 14 13 11 Tank. Punisher Gatling Cannon: 24″ S5 AP- Heavy 20.

Should be fun times ahead for IG players and woe to their opponents. 5th edition is surely becoming a gaming oriented hobby and less focus on fluff, which I like! 🙂