Post Fauzi Tourney

What a exciting Sunday afternoon it is. The main idea for this tourney is terrific but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Some army benefitted more than others which I understand at this moment can’t be helped.  Allow me to share briefly what it’s all about.

Plan a 1000 points list but any one time, you use only 750 points. After every game, you are given 8 restore points to restore injured/destroyed unit. If any isn’t restore, that unit is discarded. That’s where the extra 250 points come in to replenish your 750 points active list.

3 missions will be played total. My first opponent is TeeMing who is commanding an Eldar force.

01 Avatar
10 Guardian inc Spirit seer w/ Scatter laser
06 Pathfinder
01 Wraithlord (Brightlance, EML)
01 Wraithlord (Brightlance, EML)

01 Tyrant (02 TL-Devourer, +BS, +Str, Implant attack, Acid Maw, Shadow in the Warp)
03 Tyrant Guard (Rending claw, Lash whip)
03 Warrior (Venom cannon, Scything talon, +BS, +Str, +Sv / 2x Deathspitter, Scything talon, +Sv)
05 Ripper
10 Spinegaunt (w/o number)
10 Spinegaunt (w/o number)
01 Carnifex (Barbed strangler, Scything talon, +WS, Toxin miasma, +I, +W)

Primary mission: Capture and Control(03 objectives)
Secondary mission: kill opponent HQ.

3 MC in 750 game is no easy feat. 4shots of high str, low ap shot from wraithlord kills a guard every turn. Once it got within devourer range, the Wraithlord simply maintained distance. Were shooting each other whole game. Eldar kills off almost everything while I only took out the avatar, and wounded both Wraithlord. Game ends in tactical draw.


My 2nd game is against Khoo’s Space Marines.

01 Chaplain w/ jump packs
10 Tactical w/ missile, plasma
10 Assault w/ Pfist
05 Terminator w/ assault cannon

We basically deployed opposite each other.

Primary mission: kill points
Secondary mission: kill HQ and secure it(count HQ corpse as marker).

Both of us move closer to each other and once the Marines were within Tyrant gun range, the are hard pressed to make armor saves. After taking 1KP from my endless gaunts, the Marines fall back as far as they can. I simply shoot the day light out of everything with my Tyrant and Carnifex. Game ended with 2:1 KP, winner to Tyranid.  If only I had 1 more game turn, would have wiped everything out. 🙂


My last opponent for the tourney is against Shawn’s Ultramarines. Play tested with him before and I only won by a miracle roll from my dices. I am in for a bad time.

01 Chapter Master
10 Tactical w/ missile, melta, Pfist
10 Tactical w/ missile, melta, Pfist
01 Hellfire Cannon
01 Vindicator

Primary mission: Seized Control
Secondary mission: Control center of board
Third mission: Kill HQ

Having won the roll, Tyranid chooses to deploy first.

Marines deployment

Hid my MC best I could for 2 turns. Hoping to get hellfire cannon and vindicator guns silent 1st and they did. By turn 3, I dash forward. Shawn’s having a bad streak of rolling and none of the melta guns did anything throughout the whole game. Fail to hit, fail to wound. When my Carnifex was within range, combat squaded tactical w/ powerfist charged in. Carnifex with 2 wounds down and wiped the squad. Basically I just try my best to shake the vindicator with my warriors else I just ignore it. Tyrant finally got the opponent objective marker, shot the tactical squad to pieces but failed to charged it due I need 5″ to reach. Carnifex failed to reach it too. Following turn, Marines charged my gaunts forcing them to bunch up (I was stretching my gaunts into a straight line, claiming both objectives AND occupying the center of the board). With that last act, my gaunts fail to claim anything and games ended. Tactical draw again as none of us control anything.

The games were fun but had the unfortunate matchup against armies that I can’t seem to score high in this tournament. Heh, some mistakes I made… that I can understand. Nonetheless, it is an afternoon well spent – Being in the game and among like minded hobbyist.