Battle Report: Necron vs Imperial Guards (1K)

Necron Roster
01 Deceiver
10 Warrior
10 Warrior
03 Destroyer
04 Destroyer

IG Roster
01 Command platoon, 01 Master of Ordnance
01 Command platoon, 01 Master of Ordnance
10 Vet Squad
10 Vet Squad
01 Vendetta
01 Vendetta
01 Lemen Russ ( Demolisher, Las Cannon, 02 Plasma Cannon)
01 Lemen Russ ( Demolisher, Las Cannon, 02 Plasma Cannon)

Game Objective: 4 Objectives
Deployment: Dawn of War

Looking at so many vehicles, I am going to have a tough time. Sigh.

I won dice off and gave 1st turn to IG.

IG: 02 Vet squad each on one objective. 01 HQ with 01 Vet Squad.
Nec: Deceiver deployed as close as 01 Vet squad on the left side of table. 02 Warrior Squad in reserves.

Tried to seize initiative but failed.
As I deployed my Deceiver on the left with apparent intention to go after the left vet squad, I successfully lured all his vehicles on the left side of the table. Although the Deceiver successfully killed off the vet squad at the end of turn 2, the C’tan was quickly dispose off at the beginning of turn 3. 6x TL lascannon is no joke.

Destroyers came in on the right side of the board and was shooting at the 2nd vet squad every turn except turn 2 after I torrent the master of ordnance. By turn 5, my destroyers are down to 3 models while the vet squad left the sgt only.

Warriors came in on turn 2 and turn 3. Was fortunate that most of the turn, fire power was concentrated on Deceiver and Destroyers. By turn 5, Warriors are holding 02 objectives with 1 squad and 2nd Warrior squad is a turn away from reaching it.

Game ended turn 5, Nec controls 2 to IG 1. We played a bogus turn 6, Nec controls 3 to IG 1. Can’t finish off that Sgt with 7x 2+ cover save (orders and going to ground). 😥

I seriously think I was out gun in this game and I am! 4x str10 ordnance, 8x str9 las cannon in that 1k IG list. It’s crazy! Thus I just concentrated on getting rid of his troop.

Post game talk, friend says the most critical error he made was not to load up his vet squad in the vendetta when Deceiver was so close. I agree with him. I further add that if he drove all his vehicle up to contest all my objective I wouldn’t be able neutralise, he disagrees saying he is afraid of gauss. Guess he doesn’t know I can’t destroy anything with gauss now, max immobilse or weapon destroyed, and both can’t neutralise a vehicle.

New IG is scary.