Battle Report: Necron vs Dark Angels

Another 1750 game against Dark Angels player with 3 Land Raiders. Man… so many armor.

Dark Angels
01 Beliah
05 Terminators(01 Chain Fist, Sgt w/ Power Weapon)
01 Land Raider
05 Terminators(01 Chain Fist, Sgt w/ Power Weapon)
01 Land Raider
05 Terminators(03 TH/SS, 02 LC)
01 Land Raider Crusader

01 Deceiver
11 Warrior
10 Warrior
04 Destroyer
04 Destroyer
04 Destroyer
01 Monolith
01 Monolith

Mission: Seize Ground(5 objectives)
Deployment type: Spearhead

DA: All LR deployed as close to the center as possible.
Nec: Deepstriked 01 Monolith, 02 Warrior squad in reserves. 01 Monolith deployed close to center of board. Destroyers all deploy as far away as possible along my table edge. Deceiver is just hiding behind the deployed Monolith.

Land Raider rushes forward whole game and shot and Monolith. Deployed Monolith took 2 weapon destroyed by game end. Deceiver destroyed 01 Land Raider. Deepstriked Monolith took out another Land Raider late in game.

Nec Deathwing turn2
Assault terminators disembarked on turn 2 to assault the Monolith but nothing much happens. Following turn, Destroyers all unload into the assault terminators and took down 3. Deceiver charged the Land Raider and only managed to immobilized it. Destroyers continues to unload more shots into assault terminators and wipe them out soon after.

Land Raider continues to close in to my objectives as my warriors slowing came in from reserves. A terminator squad with Beliah charged into warriors and was quickly deposed off 7 warriors BUT the squad took their ground! Following turn Warriors ported out and Deceiver comes in and wipe them out in 3 rounds of combat.

Game ended with Necron controlling 1 objective to DA none.

3 Land Raiders are hard to play against. Deceiver is there to try his best to take out the heavy armor but there is only so much he can do. Guess most people do not like to come near Necrons with their vehicles.