Oldman on the bus

Just an experience I had on the bus a few days ago. I boarded a bus and sat beside an old man. He looks over 60 and petite in size. I sat side ways in order to chat with my wife who is sitting behind me. Very shortly he said to me, “Excuse me sir, can you please do not touch me with your body?” I was shocked! I was sitting sideways and hardly having any contact. Only contact is when the bus turned, and my body swayed abit and touch him a bit. I got a little bit irritated and sat up straight facing front. This time as I sat fully on my sit, my shoulders touched his arm fully due to my body frame. I said, “If I were to sit normally, I would be touching you all the time!” I turned around and sat back the way I was.
Can’t believe why there is so many strange man around.

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