Deathwing WIP 2

Update on my Deathwing WIP.

Since I got most of my terminators from Assault on Black Reach(AoBR), I do not have cyclone missile launchers to put on my terminators. After looking around everywhere for anybody who has the bits, I gave up and used Tau SMS launcher and made my own Cyclone Missile launchers.

First I cut the bit using a handsaw.

Than I pin the parts together as below.

Finally I pin the missiles onto 3 terminators. Huzzah!

After I gotten myself a box of assault terminators, I now have a total force as this.

Next is my HQ character. He is Beliah, Master of Deathwing. But I name him Alvin. After myself 🙂 Much effort is put into converting him into a respectable model. In addition, the base is decorated as well.

Now that all is ready, I based all the base.

This is all I have done so far as of this writing.

3 boxes of Landspeeder and 1 more AoBR dreadnought are incoming soon. Hope I can lay my hands on them soon and start working.