Codex: Space Wolves

Space Marines: Space Wolves codex has been released for 2 weeks now, I am sure everyone has read quite a number from everywhere else and heard your friends talk about how the Space Wolves rocks. Some has even break the codex down and list every single units’ strength and weakness. Well I would like to sum it all up and give what I think of the new and latest codex from GamesWorkShop.

The codex now is definitely well tune for 5th Ed. Space wolves strength lies in the HtH and unique force org (they refuse to follow others). In this light, the Space Wolves has done it.

Each HQ and Wolf Guard can be kitted out however/whatever they want while paying the points for the wargear. Absolutely terror in HtH. Anti-psychic at 3+ or 4+ no matter what(can’t remember clearly). A ‘broken’ psychic power Jaws of Wolf World. All in all, these are their strength.

Space Wolves being given so much shining toys but they are given some weakness too. 10man Greyhunters or Bloodclaws squads do not have a Sgt to lead them thus their leadership is at 8. They also can only carry a special weapon per 5man, not able to take heavy weapon. Their transport options, Rhino and Drop pod, are limited to 10man capacity. All this only means they have lesser shooting capability from more than 24″ compare to other Space Marines chapters, especially in the anti-tank department.

This setting, kind of forces the Space Wolves player to move much closer to the opponent compare to other chapters. To make up for this hole, the codex gives the player cheaper LongFang squad(Devastator squad) and 5 heavies instead of the normal 4. To balance this, Longfang squad cannot upsize to 10man.

In a nut shell, Space Wolves are a force to be reckon with when they are all close to you(within 18″). They have a bit more trouble against a full mechanize army. Stay in your transports and stay out of combat with Space Wolves, and you should do fine.

Generally, units that I can see people will field most of the time in a Space Wolves army:
1. Runepriest with Jaws of World Wolf / Variant
2. Thunderwolf Calvary
3. Longfangs
4. Greyhunters as troops

Mech up people… you should do better.