Angels of Absolution – WIP 3

An update of my Angels.


This is part of the army. Some models of the Terminator squad needs to be painted.
Models left to do – 2x 10man tactical (AoBR models).

To use Dark Angels or not has been a huge uproar and argument ever since the Space Marines Codex was released. I personally struggle with this too. With the same army list, if I use C:SM I have 200pts extra. This is quite a difference.

With the release of Space Wolves, one can easily see that their codex is NOT the same from C:SM. Although the wargear portion is updated but the entries for transport etc are reduced. Meaning to give each of these special chapters an unique taste.

All in all, I do think Dark Angels is still a playable army. A little handicap is cool as everyone knows Dark Angels is kinda in the chute. While we still can give a tough fight, winning is much sweeter. A few power-gaming friends refuse to touch Dark Angels after comparing the codex. (Just dun use the handicapped wargears! :p )

Gonna play a game tomorrow using the new list. Will try to do a battle report.