Angels of Absolution vs Chaos

As promised, had a game with Chaos Space Marines. First time playing against him at our local store.

01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Slaanesh, Winged, Lash of submission)
10 Chaos Marines (Lascannon, Rhino)
10 Chaos Marines (Lascannon, Rhino)
10 Khorne Berserker (Champion w/ Powerfist, Rhino)
10 Khorne Berserker (Champion w/ Powerfist, Rhino)
01 Vindicator (Daemonic possession, Pintle TL Bolter)
01 Landraider
03 Obliterator

Mission: Seized Ground (04 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

Winning the roll, I let the Chaos Marines go first. He deployed everything close to the center with the obliterators way behind in cover.

I deployed far away in a corner. Putting 03 Tactical and 03 Landspeeder in reserves.

Turn 1
All units moved forward except a Rhino near his deployment table edge.
Shooting saw only Master Sammael stun from lascannon shot.

Dreadnoughts moved up. Shooting from Predators saw front Rhino being immobilized.

Turn 2
Daemon Prince flew behind Vindicator. A Chaos Marines Rhino moved 12″ and claimed an objective. Landraider moved 6″ sideways. Shooting was ineffective.

01 Landspeeder comes in from reserves. Dreadnoughts continue to move up. 01 Predator moved 6″ and Master Sammael moved 6″ to target Daemon Prince. Landspeeder managed to destroyed a Rhino and took out lascannon from the Chaos Marines squad from the explosion. Predator and Master Sammael managed to take 2 wounds off Slaanesh Daemon Prince.

Turn 3
Shooting saw my Landspeeder destroyed. Vindicator destroyed 01 Dreadnought. Rhino managed to repair and not immobilized anymore.

02 Rhinos and 01 Landspeeder came in from reserves. Landspeeder moved flat out to block the Rhino in the middle of the board. Rhino moved 12″ in a line towards the middle objective. Predators moved up in an attempt to block passage. Shooting saw the 2nd Berserker Rhino immobilized.

Turn 4
Daemon Prince flew back. Landraider got immobilized while moving through terrain. Shooting saw middle Landspeeder being shaken and 01 Predator’s Autocannon being destroyed.

Last of the reserves came in (01 Rhino w/ Tactical squad and 01 Landspeeder). Rhinos continue to move towards the center objective while the 3rd moved into another to claim the nearest objective. Landspeeder destroyed the Vindicator. Master Sammael finishes off Daemon Prince.

Turn 05
Berzerkers disembarked and moved closed to the Rhino. Shooting saw the Rhino destroyed. Tactical squad is subsequently charged by Berserkers and killed to 1 man.

Rhino and Landspeeder went forward to contest the furthest objective. Another Landspeeder contest the middle objective. Sammael moved into position to contest next turn. Predators moved to block passage. Dreadnought moved towards Rhino and destroyed it with Multi-Melta.

Game ended.
Objectives Angels 01 : Chaos 00

The game is well played. Post game chat, we both agree that the Obliterators are deployed too far behind to be useful. Landraider is played too passively. Late game I was preparing for his 2nd Chaos Marines Rhino to come in and claim the 4th objective but he forgot and stood there and shot whole game. Thank you for the game.

Thank you for reading.