Sun Zi’s Art of War thoughts – Deception

I am sure everybody wants to enjoy the game and win most of the time. Looking everywhere on the net etc you can find tactics and strategy for every army and specific unit.

In the broad overview of the game, Sun Zi’s Art of War will come into the mind. It is written by a great military genius and is a very well kept secret by generations of China Emperors until it is leaked to the public in Japan. The scripture has 13 chapters. Not all are applicable to our favorite game of 40K but I like to share some useful insights that I find applicable.

Sun Zi said, “All warfare is based on deception.”

In summary, do not do what your opponent expect you to do. Do the unexpected. Misinformation. You can do this with deployment. Small talks can also achieve this. This does not mean to cheat on rules etc.

Example, there are 4 objectives on the table. Deploy your units like you want to secure a particular objective and you wanted to go after another objective but in actual fact you will have your unit in position by turn 4 to claim another and contest everything else.

Deepstriking/outflanking/reserves unit can also offer similar deception. Doesn’t mean an outflanking genestealers will come out from his opponent deployment zone to whack havoc but instead it is to simply to claim their own objective.

I am sure there are other ways you can achieved deception. Do share what you do.