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In every game and every army, everyone has a favorite unit. Lately, I have been playing my Dark Angels the most thus I decided to pick a unit from this army.

Favorite unit is : Landspeeders


On first glance, Landspeeders are really fragile – AV10 on all sides. Even bolters has a chance to bring it down. Why in the world would anyone want to field such a fragile unit?

After fielding and using Landspeeders, one really need to know how to protect it. Wrong position and you will find your Landspeeder destroyed without doing anything. Unsupported, they are just another easy target, easy kill point. Using the Landspeeder needs careful planning.

What makes this unit so special is their loadout. The ability to equip them with Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer. This makes the Landspeeder able to deal with armor and horde. Given that Landspeeders are fast skimmer, this makes their threat range even further. Ability to move flat out at 24″, gives them mobility few other units in Space Marines that can match. Not forgetting Landspeeders can Deep Strike (although Dark Angels variant cannot).

In addition, people some times look down on Landspeeders thinking AV10 is easy to remove. If they ignoring it for the first 3 turns, it will moved into position to be a real threat. If they do not ignore it, this will buy me time as I move my tactical Marines and other units in to a better position. Even so there is a few times my Landspeeders survived shooting due to new vehicle damage table.

The pinnacle of Landspeeders is the ability to contest objective from 24″ away. This has helped me draw/win games countless times. Few games that I lost because all my Landspeeders are destroyed. A pity that Landspeeders are not tanks thus they cannot tank shock troops off their objectives.

Model wise, the Landspeeder looks spectacular. The curves, the design is well thought of. With the latest Landspeeder kit, it is easier to fix compare to the previous kit.

All in all, the Landspeeder is a wonderful unit/model. No matter gaming or modeling wise.

I love my Landspeeders. Do you feel the same?

2 thoughts on “Favorite unit

  1. I prefer to use one or two Land Speeders with Multi-melta/Heavy Flamer, separate Fast Attack slots. Start them in reserve to wait for the enemy armor to come closer or to counter the restrictive deployment of Spearhead (combined with clever objective placement, your opponent will have armor/transports near your board edge). The new vehicle damage chart/rules have made them a bit hardier and a fast moving multi-melta finds its way into all of my lists.

  2. I think I found one of my new favorite units. I used them for the first time this weekend. With my entire army in reserved I deepstriked 3 of them as seperate units to take out a land raider, and 2 vindicators before the enemy new what hit him.

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