SporeCon ’09 Game2

This is a long time coming. I have been reluctant to write game 2 as this is quite a disappointing game to me. My opponent gave up on the game before we even played.

Army: Necron vs Imperial Guards

Necron Roster
01 Nightbringer
10 Immortal
10 Immortal
10 Warrior
10 Warrior
01 Monolith
01 Monolith

Imperial Guard Roster
01 Company Command Squad (Cpt w/ power sword, Regimental standard bearer, Vox operator)
10 Storm Trooper (Sgt w/ power sword, 01 Plasma gun, 01 Melta gun)
01 Platoon Command Squad (Ltn bolt pistol, 01 Plasma gun, Vox operator)
10 Infantry Squad (01 Missile team, 01 Plasma gun, Vox operator)
10 Infantry Squad (01 Missile team, 01 Plasma gun, Vox operator)
01 Heavy Weapon Squad (03 Heavy bolter)
01 Heavy Weapon Squad (03 Lascannon)
10 Veteran Squad (01 Missile, 01 Plasma gun, Vox operator, Chimera[Pintle Heavy Stubber, Dozer blade, Extra Armor])
01 Hellhound (Dozer blade, Extra armor)
01 Valkyrie (Lascannon, Heavy bolter sponson)
01 Leman Russ (Battle cannon, Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponson, Dozer blade, Extra Armor)
01 Leman Russ Demolisher (Demolisher cannon, Lascannon, Plasma cannon sponson, Dozer blade, Extra Armor)
01 Basilisk

Mission: Capture and Control (04 Objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War special (Before game starts, organizers will roll D6+1 for number of turns when Night Fight will end. They rolled 4 thus turn 3 will be last of Night Fight)
Terrain: Bunkers in the middle of board is intact building with AV13. Energy fences are Dangerous terrain if crossing over.

IG won roll and deployed first.

Necron deployed second. I only deployed Nightbringer and 01 Warrior squad. Second Warrior squad in normal reserves and both Monolith Deep striking. Since IG deployed everything far away, I deployed my C’tan as far forward as I can.

Turn 01
Nothing much happens on both side as Night Fight is in play. Night Bringer moves closer. Warriors enter the bunker.

Turn 02
Pretty much the same. Lascannon heavy team spotted Night Bringer and put some wounds on him. Nightbringer runs closer. Monoliths came in and fluxes around, shaking vehicles around.

Turn 03
Valkyrie outflanked and came in. Disembarked veteran shooting saw little damage to the Immortals.

Immortals shot back following turn and took out a few veterans. Monoliths continue to shake/stun vehicle all around and taking out some guardsman. 01 Immortal squad got teleported by Monolith.

Turn 04
Combine fire of Leman Russ saw lots of Immortal falling over. Subsequently, most of the Immortals stood back up again.
On the other side, Nightbringer charged into the IG squad and start wiping the floor. Nearby guards all pack up and flee the area.

Turn 05
Shooting saw more casualty done to the Guards while Necron seems to be taking none in return. Nightbringer continues to sweep up squads on the right. Monolith teleported 01 Warrior squad forward to claim an objective. Another Warrior squad claiming another. Guards had none.

Turn 06
Guardsman did their last chance to try deny objective but failed.


Game ended with a solid victory to Necrons.

As said, this could have been a good game but my opponent seems down cast and not interested in playing. Why did he want to participate in the first place? This tournament happened in June 2009. Lots of details are already lost from memory.

Game 3 to come soon. Stay tuned.


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