SporeCon 2009 – Game 3

Alvin Necrons

This is the last game of the tournament.

Opponent Army: Blood Angels
Mission: Secure and Control
Deployment: Pitch Battle
Special Scenario: Can’t remember

Blood Angels Roster
01 Roharn aka Dante
01 High Sanguinary Priest Darius aka Corbulo
08 Death Co Marines (Jump Packs)
08 Veteran Assault Marines (Jump Packs)
05 Assault Marines in Rhino (Pintle Storm Bolter)
05 Assault Marines in Rhino
05 Assault Marines in Razorback (TL Lascannon)
02 Attack Bike (Multi Melta)
02 Attack Bike (Multi Melta)
01 Baal Predator
01 Baal Predator

Game3 Deployment

Turn01 – Blood Angels
Game3 T1 01

Turn01 – Necron
Game3 T1 02

Game3 T3 01

Game3 T6 01

Highlights of the Game

  • Setting up as a Monolith Wall to prevent early assaults with Nightbringer behind a Monolith for counter assault
  • Blood Angels lone Razorback managed to destroy a Monolith around turn02. That hurts.
  • Dante and Death Co managed to multi charge Nightbringer and a Warrior squad at Turn03, causing me to lose combat resolution and that caused Nightbringer to die. Another hurts. The assault charge done is brilliant by my opponent.
  • Turn03 onwards to Turn06, Necron are always in combat and can’t do much. Amazingly, Immortals managed to hang in there else I would have phase out by Turn04.
  • Immortals managed to finish off 01 attack bike squad in CC!
  • Dante finally dies to gauss from failed armor save.
  • Overall, Nightbringer’s death has cost me the game. Without his assault ability to keep the Marines at bay. I am quite defenceless against an assault army.

Game ended and I won by holding 01 objective while he has none. A turn more and I will definitely have phased out. Close shaved.

Overall, I had won all 3 games – 1 massacre and 2 solid victory. My overall standing 16/30. 5th place in terms of VP but my sportsman and painting score are pretty bottom. I believe all gave me low score due I fielded a Necron cheese list and being Necron my painting score seems to be always low no matter what I do. 😀

It has been fun playing in this tournament. Met new friends and looking forward to next year’s SporeCon.