Battle Report: Chaos vs Tau

Chaos Roster:
01 Daemon Prince (Winged, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of submission)
01 Daemon Prince (Winged, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of submission)
03 Terminator (01 Combi melta, Land Raider)
08 Berzerker (Champion with Power fist)
10 Chaos Marine (Las cannon)
10 Chaos Marine (Las cannon)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
03 Obliterator

Mission: Secure and control
Deployment: Spearhead

Deployment: Chaos




  • Hammerhead deployed in front of my units to prevent getting lashed.
  • Kroot bubble wrap the rest of my units.
  • Using impassable terrain to block LOS, Chaos attempts to approach unmolested but atlas SMS from Hammerhead doesn’t need LOS.
  • Chaos shooting was quite ineffective the whole game as Tau vehicles are getting 4+ cover all the time.
  • Chaos tries to move as fast as they can to get into combat but finds it hard due Spearhead deployment.
  • Land raider was took out 1st turn by railgun (no surprise here).
  • Chaos tries to get into assault range but its passsage is always blocked by hammerheads and impassable terrain.
  • Crisis suits destroys a unit each turn when Chaos is near.
  • Devilfish has uncanning luck as it manages to survived to opponent objective to contest it on turn 6.
  • A single gun drone (from Piranha) contested the objective on turn 5.

Game ended on turn 6. Chaos objective is contested while Tau objective is secure.


  1. Having spearhead deployment really helps shooty army.
  2. Terminators should deepstrike and Berzerkers should ride in Land Raider.
  3. Being on foot for an assault unit is really a bad idea. Can’t get where they should be fast. Yes, they should run every turn they can.
  4. Piranha did a wonderful job. They block movement. They get shot and assaulted by Daemon Prince and Berzerkers when said units should be running as fast as they can towards my lines.
  5. Chaos shooting priority has room for improvement. Autocannons are best for AV10/11. Against Tau, you are looking at shooting Piranha first.
  6. Fortunate that Chaos player forgot to use multi melta shot for Obliterators at my Devilfish when it is within 12″ for that 1 turn.
  7. Chaos made another fatal mistake when they cannot make up their mind on their entry. One turn they wants to come in from my right, than left, than right again. This conveniently gives my Hammerhead room to move to gain the important 6+ to hit when charged as my Hammerhead blocks path.

This is the 4th game I played with the same Chaos player (Hafiz) using my 4 armies. Great learning experience for him I bet and I get to smash a newbie! 🙂 I did post game talks and hope Hafiz can improve his game which I am sure he will.

Congratulations on your coming wedding, Hafiz! May your love blossoms and children be plenty!