Battle Report: Sisters of Battle vs Tyranids

With the coming Christmas and more importantly new Tyranids codex, I had a wonderful chance to field my Tyranids before the new codex arrives. This time round, the Tyranids are hungry for girls. Yes. But will the Tyranids get to have their meal?

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle



  1. Tyranids split the forces into 2 and deployed into terrain. Setting up to give everything cover saves. Spinegaunts in reserves.
  2. Sisters deployed all into a corner to refuse flank.
  3. Shooting saw a barbed strangler whacking a Rhino.
  4. Following turn 9 Str8 AP1 Exorcist hits Tyrant unit! After the dust settled, no damage done as the Tyrant managed to dodge everything!
  5. Center brood moves towards the right to reinforce the units.
  6. Sisters moved up to get into range as the Exorcist continues to shoot and kills a lone Carnifex.
  7. Tyrant dakka Sisters units that came into range and forces them to break and run.
  8. Sisters get into position and unloaded. Rapid firing everything into Tyrant unit but did minimum damage.
  9. Following turn Tyrant, scream killer Carnifex and Genestealers charged into the Sisters. Sisters concede at this point.

Post Game:

  1. Whole game, I was making most of my 4+ cover saves and it freaks my opponent out. I couldn’t believe it myself but that’s how it is some times.
  2. He has a semi mech army, perhaps he should have stayed at arms length and keep firing his Exorcist at me till all my units are soft enough. I do not have the range firepower as he has.
  3. Basically just deny me targets and forces me out of my cover.

After which, we have another 1k game. Needless to say, at 1k Sisters still have 3 Exorcist across the table. I got tabled instead this time. haha.