Blast Scapes completed


Finally it is completed. I have these sitting on my to do list ever since they were released. Bought them and was just sitting there, ignored, till yesterday.

Easily my favorite piece. Bright lava in the middle makes a very nice terrain piece. I use gloss varnish on the lava to add a shiny coat to give a little more realism.

Next come this piece which has nice highlights of grays hues.

It has been a fun process as I turn ugly things to pretty things. These terrain has turn out nicely. Although models have a hard time staying on it, nonetheless it will make my terrain board prettier!

Merry Christmas everyone. May your Christmas be blessed and happy.


4 thoughts on “Blast Scapes completed

  1. Bloody nice! I wanted to get these as well but backed off when I read that there were some serious QC issues with them – looks fine to me here! Great addition to your collection~

  2. Thx! First game i used them and they already cause my opponent trukk to fail a dangerous terrain check and immobilized!
    Pays to paint stuffs, even terrain.

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