Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Angels of Absolution

Grudge match! This time against Ralph’s Space Wolves.

Wolves Roster

01 Logan Grimnar
01 Iron Priest (01 Thunder hammer/Storm shield, Thunder wolf mount, 04 Cyber wolves)
10 Wolf Guard(06 Terminator armor, 02 Cyclone missile launcher, 01 Storm shield)
15 Blood Claw w/ 01 Wolf Guard
10 Grey Hunters (02 Plasma gun, Rhino)
01 Vindicator (Siege shield)
01 Vindicator (Siege shield)
06 Long Fangs (05 Missile launcher)

Angels Roster
Click to see.

Mission: Seized Ground (05 objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War

Angels deployment

Wolves deployment

Angels Turn 1: Having deployed HQ and 02 troop on the 24″ mark, I proceed to move them 6+”(running) back. 02 Predators in the middle of the board with Landspeeders behind it. Dreadnought on the middle right. No shooting.
Wolves Turn 1: Deployed everything else on my far left corner. Grey hunters moved up. Long Fangs tried to shoot but can’t see.

Angels Turn 2: Landspeeder moved flatout infront of the Rhino to block passage. Terminators and HQ retinue continue to move backwards. Shooting saw Rhino with weapon destroyed and stunned.
Wolves Turn 2: Vindicators & Iron Priest moved up. Shooting saw a Landspeeder destroyed and the other multi melta gone and shaken after Grey Hunters assault it. Long Fangs stunned and immobilized a Predator. Iron Priest assaulted same Predator and absolutely destroyed it.

Angels Turn 3: Moved Landspeeder left 4″ to continue block Vindicator path. 2nd Predator moved 12″ up. HQ retinue and left Terminator squad assaulted Iron Priest and killed it. 02 Terminator squad on the right moved and claimed 3 objectives.

Wolves Turn 3: Vindicators moved into open and opened fire, killing 2 from HQ retinue. Long Fangs wracked a Dreadnought.

Angels Turn 4: Predator tried to move but failed dangerous terrain check. Landspeeder having only shaken moved in front of the vindicator. Shooting saw rear Vindicator stunned. Rhino got immobilized from a Cyclone missile launcher.

Wolves Turn 4:  Wolf Guards moved towards the rear objective but not there yet. Long Fangs shot Terminator squad but deal no damage. Shooting on the Landspeeder saw nothing much happens.

Angels Turn 5: Dreadnought moved up and popped smoke. Nothing else much happened.

Wolves Turn 5: Wolf Guard moved into 01 objective. Blood Claws moved and assaulted immobilized Predator, and destroyed it.

Game ended.

Wolf Guards on 01 objective while Angels have 3 objectives

Post Game:

  1. Wolves deployed into a corner and wrong positioning. This fatal mistake is further exploited by my Landspeeders when I moved up to block passage. Vindicators have no where to go.
  2. Wolf guards are way behind doing nothing whole game.
  3. Long Fangs and Iron Priest is probably the only 2 units that performed.
  4. Having highlighted a few weakness, we agree that he needs a few units that can move fast.

I hope we had a good game but definitely we will see a better Wolf army next time.