Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Angels of Absolution

Yesterday I finally get a chance to play against Hong’s plague marines. Those smelly, stinky and rotting traitor marines needs to be cleanse of their filth!

Chaos Roster
01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Winged, Doom bolt)
01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Winged, Doom bolt)
05 Terminator (03 combi melta, 01 ripper autocannon, 05 power weapon)
10 Plague Marine (Champion w/ power weapon, 01 melta gun, 01 flamer, Rhino)
10 Plague Marine (Champion w/ power weapon, 01 plasma gun, 01 flamer, Rhino, havoc launcher)
01 Dreadnought (02 CCW arm, 02 TL bolter)
01 Dreadnought (02 CCW arm, 02 TL bolter)
01 Dreadnought (02 CCW arm, 02 TL bolter)
01 Defiler (TL autocannon, CCW arm)
01 Vindicator (Daemon possession)

Angels of Absolution roster
Click to see.

Mission: Annihiliation
Deployment: Pitched battle

Angels of Absolution deployment

Chaos Marines deployment

Angels having won the roll, deployed everything in the middle of the board. Chaos deployed in a corner of the board.

Angels: Right winged units (Predator+Dreadnought+01 Deathwing) moved up to get better position. Both Landspeeders flat out on to the middle of the board. Shooting saw Vindicator stunned.
Chaos: Everything moved up.

Angels: Landspeeders moved closer and destroyed Vindicator, wracking a Rhino. Deathwing immobilized a Dreadnought. Knowing Terminators may deepstrike in any time, I positioned a squad of Deathwing 6″ away from each of my armor units.

Chaos: Every unit continues to move up except the plague marines. 02 Dreadnought roll a 1 on frenzy and shot the plague marines. Disembarked plague marines shot at 1 Landspeeder but fail to do anything. Terminators deep struck in and combi melta (outside 6″) my left Predator and stunned it.

Angels: Landspeeders moved 12″ and take shots again. Immobilizing 2nd Rhino. Predator and 2 squads of Deathwing combine firepower wiped out the Chaos Terminator squad. 3rd Deathwing managed to take out a CCW arm from the 3rd Dreadnought.
Chaos: All continues to move closer. Dreadnought rolls a 6 on frenzy and charges the Landspeeder, nothing happened. Another Dreadnought rolled a 1 and shot Plague marines, killing 1. 3rd Dreadnought closes to Angels rolled a 6 and charges out of the woods, unluckily it is out of charge range.

Chaos: Daemon Princes finally break cover and tries to cover as much ground as possible. Both Princes Doom bolt a Deathwing squad and killed 1. Defiler continues to fire battle cannon but fails to do any damage. Shooting saw a Landspeeder got weapon destroyed while the other got immobilized & shaken.

Angels: Dreadnought moved up and missed his multi melta shot. Dreadnought assaulted Chaos Dreadnought. Chaos Dreadnought 2nd CCW arm got removed while my Dreadnought is shaken. Rest of my Deathwing units kept a distance so that they are out of Daemon Princes assault range. Drove my left Predator up 12″ to add move blockage. Landspeeders shot heavy flamers on plague marines but dealt no damage.

Chaos: Daemon Princes and Defiler moved up. Defiler shot but dealt no damage. Dreadnought rolled 1 on frenzy again! Shot Plague marines with 8 twin linked bolter shots. 1 Daemon Prince assaulted Dreadnought and 2nd Daemon Prince assault the Predator. After much bashing Chaos Dreadnought got immobilized and Angels Dreadnought got immobilized too. 2nd Daemon Prince missed all hits on the Predator, phew.

Angels: Predator moved back while the rest of my Deathwing squads moved up to support my lone Dreadnought. Shooting saw a CCW arm knocked off the Defiler. Daemon Prince was shot, assaulted and killed –  Daemon Prince dealt 3 wounds and Deathwing dealt 7 wounds. Deathwing made 2 of the 3 invul saves.

Chaos: Both Plague marines fall back. Defilers moved up and shot but dealt nothing again. Assault saw nobody dealing any real damage. Daemon Prince did roll a destroyed result but the Venerable forced a reroll and a shaken resulted. Oh ya, Dreadnought rolled a 1 on frenzy again.

Angels: Predator moved up 6″ to block Defiler. Rest of Deathwing continues to close in. A smaller and recently victorious Deathwing squad joined in the titans fight but doesn’t change the outcome yet. The machines fight on. Daemon Prince destroyed the other arm of the Venerable Dreadnought.
Chaos: Defiler moved up and assaulted the Predator, and destroyed it. Dang. Assault saw Venerable Dreadnought finally destroyed (having already suffered immobilized and both weapon destroyed.)

Rolling for game ends…… 4. Game carry on.

Angels: Predator finally wracked the 2nd Rhino. Dreadnought and HQ retinue engaged Defiler, Defiler lost its 2nd CCW arm. Another Deathwing squad charges in and destroyed the Chaos Dreadnought.
Chaos: Assault continues, Daemon Prince got killed after rolling 8 invul saves while Deathwing suffered 1 casualty. Over on Defiler, nothing happened.

Game ended. Chaos 4KP: Angels 8KP

Post Game

  1. Chaos deployed too defensively.  This allowed me to shoot at them for 4 turns.  These are nurgle Chaos marines. If they have deployed directly opposite me and chose to just drive forward, things could have been different, perhaps.
  2. Terminators deepstrike at a wrong spot. They deepstrike right infront of my whole army. My right flank army is pretty isolated and my Predator and Dreadnought there are actually good targets.
  3. Chaos Dreadnought are strange whole game. Rolling either 1s or 6s only. Only once did it roll normally for all 3 Dreadnoughts.
  4. Lightning Claws are amazing. Rerolling to wound is wonderful. Although it needed 6s to wound the Daemon Princes, the rerolls allowed me to get in more wounds.
  5. Mistakes on my part is not positioning my apothecary properly. Could have reduce my casualty if my apothecary was within range.



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