Battle Report: Tyranids vs RavenGuard

Having scouted the Tyranids infested area for many weeks, the Raven Guards has identified a weakness in one of the isolated Hive command node and decided to launch a surgical strike.

No, this is not using the coming Tyranids codex.

Raven Guards roster
01 Shrike
01 Chaplain (Jump packs)
06 Vanguards (06 Jump packs, 01 Power fist, 01 Thunder hammer, 03 Storm shield, 01 Power weapon)
01 Dreadnought (Multi melta, Heavy flamer, Venerable, Drop pod)
10 Tactical squad (01 Missile launcher, 01 Melta gun, 01 Power fist, Drop pod)
05 Scouts (01 Missile launcher, 04 Sniper rifle, Camo cloak)
05 Scouts (01 Missile launcher, 04 Sniper rifle, Camo cloak)
03 Scouts bikers (01 Power fist)
10 Assault marines (01 Power fist, Drop pod)

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead

Since the Ravenguard infiltrates etc… they didn’t deployed anything.

“oh yes. I love bubble wrapping. Think the Raven Guards like my new year present?”

Raven Guard infiltrates, scout moves.

RGs: Dreadnought drop pod down right in front of my Hive tyrant using the scout bikers homing beacon. 2nd Drop pod containing 10 Tactical Marines arrived on my left. Shooting saw Ripper swarm taking 2 wounds from Heavy flamer after going to ground (2+ cover save!). Bikers charged the Ripper swarm and the Rippers takes 3 more no retreat wounds.
Tyranids: Hive tyrants opened fire at Shrike & co and killed 2. Zoanthrope managed to immobilized the Dreadnought. Genestealer charged into combat with Scout bikers and won combat. 01 Scout biker successfully fall back.

RGs: Shrike and Co moved the my left side. Dreadnought killed 3 Genestealer and 1 Ripper swarm with Heavy flamer. Shrike & co charged Spineguants and a Carnifex, and promptly win the combat killing them all.
Tyranids: Rest of the Carnifex and 2nd Genestealer squad moved up towards Shrike. Hive tyrants dakka Shrike and killed everyone except Shrike. He passed his 25% shooting casualty check on 6(-4 from Pychic scream). Genestealers and CC Carnifex charged Shrike, Shrike killed 2 Genestealer but the Carnifex stomp it into the ground. Wiped out Spinegaunts returned to table, shoots and assaulted a scout unit near the table edge. Spinegaunts win combat and they stay lock in combat.

RGs: 3rd Drop pod fails roll to enter game. Nothing much happened. Spinegaunts finish off last scout in combat.
Tyranids: Tyrant shot last surviving Scout biker and killed it. Carnifexs charged both Drop pod and destroyed them.

RGs: Drop pod still fails to enter game. Remaining scout and tactical shot at a Carnifex and dealt 2 wounds.
Tyranids: 02 Carnifex on my left charged the Tactical squad, while 01 Carnifex and 01 Hive Tyrant charged the Dreadnought. Tyranids managed to wipe the Tactical squad and destroyed the Dreadnought.

Raven Guard player conceded at this point.

Post Game

  • Raven Guard doesn’t have enough fire power and it really only has 1 hammer unit, that is Shrike and co.
  • Raven Guard list is not working well at all. After much discussion, a better Raven Guard army that will still stay in fluff will emerge the next time we engaged.


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