Tactics: Traffic Control

traffic lights
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With the rise of the machines in 5th edition, it is advantages to mech up. We are taking melta guns because of this shift in our games. With so many vehicles on the table, there is only so much melta gun we can have. What do we do?

We bring out our traffic police and issue tickets! Yes!

Seriously we use our fast moving vehicles and stop right in front of the traffic lane and block passage. This move has cause much disruption to my opponents that they already knew this is coming but they cannot do much about it.

Especially in some armies where they rely on transports to bring up their units up front to be effective, whether to shoot or assault, good chance that they will only be mildly affected. Pop smoke, good positioning that grant obscure saves and vehicle damage table. Some army has fast skimmer/vehicle. Like Space Marines have Landspeeders, Tau have Piranhas, Imperial Guards have Hellhounds etc. If you do and you have first turn, move them flat out and block their way. In addition, equip your fast skimmers with melta gun so they cannot be ignored.

What you get from this is:

  1. Those vehicles can’t get to where they want to go and have to deal with your skimmers blocking way.
  2. Force those vehicles to move around your skimmers and most probably taking dangerous terrain checks.
  3. Since your skimmers have melta gun, some fire power has to be diverted to shoot at them thus your other units will not be shot. This is huge as it usually takes 2 turns+ to remove them. 2 turns out of 6 turns, that’s 1/3 of the game shooting NOT shooting at your expensive stuffs.
  4. Since your skimmers moved flat out, you get that sweet 4+ cover on top of the vehicle damage chart.
  5. Effectively shut down one flank of the table while the rest of the army can concentrate shooting at neutralizing another flank.

I have 2 armies that utilizes this tactic frequently, Angels of Absolution and Tau. Look at the battle reports on them and you will see them in action.

What about armies with little or no vehicles? Well, that is for another topic entirely.

Every tactic has strengths and weaknesses, application and a way to counter. This tactica is just showing one way of using your fast skimmers in your army and it has to tie in with other tactics. Same as every other tactics.

All the best in your next game!

3 thoughts on “Tactics: Traffic Control

  1. So what do you do about enemies that just Ram you out of the way? I’m not saying that your suggestion is a bad tactic, but I think you might want to cover that. (3+ Skimmer Ram dodge and Rammer unable to Shoot.) Cheers!

  2. Thx for the input. Good point you have there.

    Regarding ramming, my skimmer are usually less than 3″ away from the intend target. There really isn’t enough room to ram. And yes, 3+ skimmer dodge is what I remind my opponent and they give up trying. 😀

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