Battle Report: Tyranids vs Space Wolves

A battle took place today as the Space Wolves scouted a new brood of Tyranids they they have never encounter before. Logan decides to personally lead a war band of wolfguards to eliminate this threat.

Space Wolves Roster
01 Logan
01 Runepriest (Living lightning, Jaws of world wolf)
01 Lonewolf (Terminator armor/Chain fist/Storm shield)
01 Lonewolf (Terminator armor/Chain fist/Storm shield)
01 Lonewolf (Terminator armor/Chain fist/Storm shield)
05 Wolfguard(01 Terminator armor/Cyclone missile launcher/Power weapon, 04 Bolters)
05 Wolfguard(01 Terminator armor/Cyclone missile launcher/Power weapon, 04 Bolters)
05 Wolfguard(01 Terminator armor/Cyclone missile launcher/Power weapon, 04 Bolters)
04 Thunderwolf Calvary(01 Power fist, 01 Melta bomb, 01 Chain sword, 01 Bolter)
04 Thunderwolf Calvary(01 Power fist, 01 Melta bomb, 01 Chain sword, 01 Bolter)
06 Longfangs(05 Lascannon, Wolfpack leader with Bolt pistol/Chain sword)

Mission: Seize ground (5 Objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of war

Tyranids deployed 01HQ with 02 Termagant broods.

Space Wolves deployed 02 Wolfguard squads.

Tyranids: Everything moved onto the board. Tyranid Prime joined a Hive Guard unit. No shooting as everything ran forward.

SW:Everything came in except 02 Thunderwolf Calvary in reserves. Shooting saw 2 termagants died to Cyclone missile launcher from Wolfguard squad #1.

Tyranids: Everything continues to move up. Tervigon cast onslaught on 2 Hive Guard broods. Shooting saw only a Lonewolf taking 1 wound from the Hive Guard. Rest of the Space Wolves made all their armor save. 1 Tervigon spawned 12 Termagant while another Tervigon spawned 18 Termagants(3x6s). Heh, 1 Tervigon ran out of eggs.

SW: Both Thunderwolf Calvary successfully came in from reserves. Longfangs got relentless USR and moved into a better position and shot Tyrannofex. With no cover saves, Tyrannofex takes 4 wounds.

Tyranids: After some adjustment to bring maximum fire power upon the Lonewolves, the whole Tyranid brood open fire on to the Lonewolves. After the dust settles, only 1 Lonewolf remain. Not even they can withstand Str8-Str10 hits that deny them their FNP. Note, my Termagants have formed a line infront of all my MCs. The Harpies moved upward to prepare to contest opponent objective but they are safely out of Lonewolf charge range.

SW: Thunderwolf Calvary and all the Wolfguards moved up a little. Granting relentless to Longfangs, they finish off the Tyrannofex. Runepriest successfully cast Jaws of world wolf and drew a line to 3 Hive Guard models, killing all 3. “Ouch!” 02 Wolfguards squad shot and killed 01 Harpy. Lonewolf charged into Termagant and kills 1. Termagant fails 1 no-retreat wound. The best round Space Wolves have all game.

Tyranids: Tyranid Prime breaks away from Hive Guard brood and charges into Lonewolf. Tyranid Prime easily kills off Lonewolf. Harpy puts a wound on Thunderwolf Calvary by Cluster Spine shots. 1 Hive Guard onslaught upwards and hides behind a terrain, shoots Runepriest unit but they made their armor saves.

SW: Longfangs again gains relentless and moved into a position to deny me cover saves to my Tervigon. They successfully put 4 wounds on Tervigon. A Thunderwolf Calvary charges and finished off the Termagants. Runepriest moved up, cast Jaws of world wolf but fails psychic check on roll of 11. “Phew.”

Tyranids: (1) Tervigon spawns a brood of 13 Termagants. 1 Termagant brood, 1 Spinegant brood, 1 Hive Guard brood with Tyranid Prime, and Tervigon stands ready to assault the Thunderwolf Calvary. All the above opened fire and puts a wound on every Thunderwolf Calvary. After which everything charges in. Tyranid Prime dealt 1 wounds and kills off 1. Thunderwolf kills off Tervigon. (2) A brood of Spinegants moved up to screen, in an attempt to block the 2nd Thunderwolf Calvary from getting close. (3) Harpy moved up, shot and assault a Wolfguard squad. Winning combat, Wolfguard stays. (4) The 1 man Hive Guard unit moved up towards Runepriest squad, charged them and swing all his attacks on Runepriest AND kills him. “Woohoo! Big morale victory to me” (5)Tyrannofex shot at furthest Thunderwolf Calvary but misses everything. (6)18 strong Termagant spread out and claimed 2 objectives.

SW: Longfangs moved up and shot Tervigon, putting 3 wounds. 1st Thunderwolf Calvary got wipe with only Tyranid Prime dealing 3 wounds. Tyranid Prime and attached Hive guards consolidated 6″ towards 2nd Thunderwolf Calvary. 2nd   Thunderwolf Calvary charges the Spinegants and wipe them out. Harpy kills 2 more Wolfguard, including Wolfguard in terminator armor as he failed his 5+ invul save.

At this time, Tyranids controls 3 objectives, contesting 1 objective. Last objective is still “free for all”. Rolling for game ends – 6. Game carrys on.

Tyranids: (1) Tervigon cast Dominion to extend Synapse to keep the Termagants in control. (2)Tyrannofex, Tervigon, Tyranid Prime and Hive Guards moved up towards the Thunderwolf Calvary. Every firepower is concentrated on Thunderwolf Calvary than is charged by Tyrannofex, Tervigon and Tyranid Prime with Hive Guards. Once again, Tyranid Prime causes 3 wounds and instant death 3 Thunderwolf Calvary. Tyranid Prime took a wound from last Thunderwolf than died to Tyrannofex. (3)Harpy kills 1 Wolfguard but takes 2 wounds in return, kills herself from no-restreat wound. “Argh”

SW: Logan leaves Longfangs and charges into Hive Guard that is in combat and finished it off. Longfang shot Tyranid Prime / Hive Guard unit, putting 5 wounds. After cover saves, 1 Hive Guard died and Tyranid Prime took another wound. Seeing this, rest of Wolfguard rapid into them and kills off Tyranid Prime.

Tyranids controls 3 objectives, contesting 1. Space Wolves controls 1 objective. Rolling for game ends – 3. Game ended.

Tyranids victory!

Post Game

  • The most impressive is Tyranid Prime. With a pair of bone sword, dealing instant death on 3D6 leadership check is incredible!
  • Tyrannofex didn’t do much whole game. Str10, 2 shots per game . The profile looks dangerous but he misses more than I can remember. Still it attracted firepower which is good.
  • Tervigon are impressive nonetheless. Spawning Termagants till I ran out of models. Had at turn02, 50 Termagants on the table. A really good support and anchor for my whole army.
  • Harpy are doing well too. They look like the weakness link in the MC load out, but given this game has no armor, they will perform better next time.
  • Hive Guards are the enigma. T6 yet infantry model. Still, Str8 shots at BS4 rocks.
  • Space Wolves list is really well built too.

Thanx for reading.

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