WIP: Mycetic Spore, Termagant

Mycetic Spore
Decided to build myself some Mycetic Spores so I walked into an art supply store to look for suitable material. Bought myself 02 quite hard styrofoam egg shaped and 02 circlet.

The idea was to have the egg shaped styrofoam to be the actual mycetic spore and the circlet as the earth that was thrown up due to impact.

I glue them all on a CD disk, mix PVA glue with water and coat the whole thing twice. This is to prevent the paint from melting down the foam later. For the base, I used some prumice to add texture. Next I base coat it with a black spray. Using green stuff, I made 3 strips and stick it to the side. Using some carnifex spike bits I attached some in.

After some colors. my mycetic spores looked like this now. This is probably the end product.

I have plenty of genestealers but now seriously lacking in termagant with fleshborer. So I ripped off my rending claws and put up fleshborers.

Quite some work there. Put some colors up and I have…

The new Termagants are not completed yet but soon will be. Just lack some highlights and to tidy up the model.

Harpies are also WIP but they are lacking wings so will do a WIP once it is nearing completion. I have also ripped off spinefists from my existing Termagants and added Devourers – spinefists sucks, hardly any T3 on the table(in transports most of the time) to make it worthwhile.

That’s some update for what I have been doing.