Battle Report: Deathwing vs Orkz

The noisy Warboss Loonadaz and his crazy boyz are out zooming around when an attachment from Angels of Absolution 1st Co are spotted along the tree lines. Without thinking further, the Warboss charges in…

Orkz Roster
01 Warboss Loonadaz (Kombi-rokkit/Shoota, Cyborg body)
01 Warboss Brutus (Power klaw, Attack squig, Cyborg body, bike)
05 Nob (01 Power klaw, Boss pole, 05 Cyborg body, 01 Painboy, 01 War banner, 01 Big chopper, 05 Bike)
05 Nob (01 Power klaw, Boss pole, 05 Cyborg body, 01 Trukk – Rokkit)
05 Nob (02 Power klaw, Boss pole, 05 Cyborg body, 01, Big choppa, , 01 Waaagh banner, 05 Bike)
05 Nob (01 Power klaw, Boss pole, 03 Kombi-rokkit, 05 Cyborg body, 01 Big Choppa, 01 Trukk – Rokkit)
02 Defkopta (Buzzsaw)
02 Defkopta (Buzzsaw)
03 Warbuggy (TL Rokkit)

Mission: Capture and Control (3 objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War

Orkz Warboss Loonadaz scooted ahead of his forces

Deathwing are spotted along the tree line

Orkz: Everything came on with a loud screeching noise and dust. Defkoptas and Bikers turbo boosted and Trukks moved 18″ in. No firing.

DW: Everything came on to the board. 01 Terminator squad screening the Predator. Dreadnoughts on the flank. Landspeeders moved flat out on my right flank. Shooting saw a Dreadnought successfully using searchlight and lit up the front bikers. Whole army shot at it, dealing 2 wounds on his Warboss Brutus and kills 2 bikers. Failing their casualty morale check, the Warboss used the boss pole and shot a nob. The nob makes his save and the bikers are back under the control as Warboss Brutus succeeded in the second morale check.

(1)Feeling outraged by the insult dealt to him, Warboss Brutuz and his bikers speed towards a Terminator squad. On the way in, they opened fire and dealt 1 wound to a Terminator! Unfortunately, the Apothecary was nearby and prevented any serious injury. In his rage, Warboss Brutuz charged in and wipe the Terminator squad but 2 bikers died from Terminators.
(2)Defkoptas moved up and shot a Dreadnought and destroys it.
(3)Nobs from the trukk moved up and assaults into 2nd Terminator squad, kills 2 Terminators but they themselves suffers 3 casualties. Losing morale check, they fall back 10″.
(4)On the right flank, 5 rokkits came out from the trukk shooting at a Landspeeder but nothing happens. Warbuggies however successfully shot down a Landspeeder.

(1) Terminators moved towards the retreating nobs to deny them from rallying. They opened fire and destroys the trukk to take away their transport capability.
(2) Master Alvin and his retinue shot, and assault both defkopta squad. In assault 2 Marines died and defkoptas suffered 2 casualty. 1 Defkopta unit failed leadership and successfully falls back.
(3) Dreadnought and a Predator shot Warboss Brutus, kills off last biker. Dreadnought assaults in, fails to hit. On the other hand, Warboss Brutus destroyed the Dreadnought easily.
(4) 2nd Terminator moved up and open fire on the troop bikers. Didn’t do anything.
(5) Solo Landspeeder moved 12″ and fires multi melta but misses.
(6) Right Predator shot the right trukk and destroys it.

(1) Defkopta rallied and shot Predator, misses.
(2) Nobs on foot continues to fall back as there’s still a enemy unit within 6″.
(3) Warboss Brutus meetup with the bikers, assaulted my Terminators on my left, drew combat. Quite disappointing performance from Warboss this round, only 1 hit on 3+. On the other hand, Terminators too have a hard time hitting.
(4) Warboss Loonadaz and nob boyz assaulted the Landspeeder, immobilizing and shaking it.
(5) Master Alvin and retinue finishes off the Defkopta in assault.

(1) Master Alvin and retinue, and 2nd Terminator squad charges into Warboss Brutus and bikers. Successfully wipe out the Ork bikers and Warboss while the Terminators suffers 3 casualties.
(2) Predators again moved 6″. Autocannon fires at lone defkopta and kills it. 2nd Predator fire autocannon at warbuggy and wrack 1.

On the table, there’s 2 footed Nob boys and a warbuggy unit. Upon consideration, Orks player conceded as the chance of him winning is now slim to nothing.


  1. Whoa, the Orks fielded a very expensive and mobile force. Every unit in his list can move at least 12″, up to 24″.
  2. Only 2 troop unit is rather limiting.
  3. Lots of dice rolling in this game in assaults. Rather nice.
  4. Orks have the initiative throughout the game, so I can only anticipate and prepare for the incoming assaults.
  5. Orks took out the Dreadnoughts early, good target priority as my Dreadnoughts could make a difference when they counter-assaults

Overall, it is a terrific game.


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  1. love the bat reps. why the 01, 02, etc format with the numbers all the time? It seems you do it even when not posting a list.

    1. Thx for the compliment.

      Habit I guess. When I want to refer to unit(s), I use 00 number format. A habit I pick up from working previously while preparing quotations.

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