Dark Angels vs Space Marines

We all read from forums and blogs how Dark Angels fail in comparison to Space Marines codex. Recently, I found a few pros over the many cons which I like to share.

  1. Dark Angels scouts pawns Space Marines scouts every day. BS4 vs BS3 makes all the difference. The only thing going for Space Marines scouts are hellfire rounds on heavy bolters. I have Space Marines scouts shooting at me often but it is only Sgt Telion that is the constant performer, the rest simply fall short. Because of this, Sgt Telion seems to have clones of himself! He is suddenly everywhere!
  2. Dark Angels Dreadnoughts are more experience in surviving a combat than Space Marines Dreadnoughts. What can I say? Dark Angels Venerable Dreads are cheaper! Although Space Marines Venerable Dreads have better hardware(BS5, WS5) but Dark Angels Venerable Dreads have better software.
  3. Dark Angels used to be the only chapter that have the option to field Terminators as troops. A full Dark Angels Deathwing doesn’t give much of a fight in 5th edition but well supported, it can still put up a fight.
  4. AV14 Landspeeder anyone? Huzzah! Only Dark Angels have it. Come and grab one before another chapter steals it!
  5. Ignore 1 failed save per turn (except wounds that causes instant death or no armor save in CC)? Old school. I not only get to protect my own squad, I get to protect all my brothers within 6″ of me. I am Dark Angels apothecary. Am I good? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love my Dark Angels.

Picture courtesy from LordHannu

3 thoughts on “Dark Angels vs Space Marines

  1. DA is the fail because of how would the army work together compared to Codex: SM.

    Primarily, Codex: SM on the whole boast of cheaper units (and more flexible army construction) which at the end of the list construction, saves you enough points for another unit or extra upgrades for the whole army. (or a special character which acts as a force multiplier)

    DA suffers on the long haul because of the A + B = C factor. It becomes boring quickly because it doesn’t offer the type of diversity Codex: SM provides and still retain competitiveness.

    The easiest to judge is a mirror match. Put a optimized SM army vs a DA one (any list) and i’d wager that the SM army can beat the DA one easily (if both players are of the same skill level).

    If DA can’t beat SM, what’s the point?

  2. I forgot to add something else:

    DA could have been a really cool army… I like the specialty army lists it can produce (Deathwing, Ravenwing) but it was produced during a time when GW and 40k was going towards a different (read: stupid) direction.

    If the codex was made now, it would probably be one of the cool-est SM codices around.

    Pity it was hit by the Jervis factor.

    1. Totally in agreement.

      For Dark Angels at the moment is only a flavor army. Still amongst the many cons, I hope the few pros can put the Dark Angels in a better light. Just play to Dark Angels strength. You like something you cannot do well with Space Marines codex? Try Dark Angels codex. 🙂

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