Angels have fallen

Found my partner to participate in this year’s SporeCon Warhammer 40K tournament. He wants to play Chaos Space Marines.

After much thoughts, I decided to use my Angels of Absolution to compliment his Chaos Marines. Tyranids probably need a partner who has good firepower to destroy any and all armor at range, than Tyranids can gobble them up. My other army, Tau, has it’s most precious units in Heavy Support and Elite. This clash with Chaos Marines as both effectively only has good units there.

Chaos Marines lack good Fast Attack units, Marines have it.
Chaos Marines lack good Elite units, Marines have plenty.
Marines have good Heavy Support units, Chaos have better.

Background wise, my Angels of Absolution shall be rename as Dust Brigade (fallen Dark Angels). They have become a pirate force and has allied themselves to a Chaos warband. Although they have turn their backs to the Emperor of Man, they have not turn away from their Primarch Lion El’Jonson. They believe that they can find out the truth behind the disappearance of their Primarch within the warp space tainted by Chaos, and perhaps bring their Primarch back even at the cost of their own lives and reputation.

I shall refrain from posting our army list as we are still at drafting stage. Hope we can get some practice games in and prepare for the tourney. Watch this blog for our games to come.

Picture courtesy of Annikki from DeviantART.


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