Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Space Wolves

A battle between brothers. Between the sons of Lion and Leman. A grudge paintball game of pride! Welcome to…
So You Think You Can FIGHT

Yes, ladies and gentleman. We have today two very worthy contestant in the arena. Both have witness the light where the truths hurts. Both have dipped into the well of enlightenment. And here is their list.

Space Wolves
01 Rune Priest (Tempest Wrath,??)
05 Greyhunter (01 Flamer, 04 Bolter, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma Gun)
05 Greyhunter (01 Flamer, 04 Bolter, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma Gun)
05 Greyhunter (01 Flamer, 04 Bolter, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma Gun)
05 Greyhunter (01 Flamer, 04 Bolter, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma Gun)
05 Greyhunter (01 Flamer, 04 Bolter, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma Gun)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile)

Angels of Absolution
— link to army list on the right panel —

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead

Space Wolves won roll and deployed first.

Looking at the impressive gun line, the Angels holds everything in reserves. Failing to seize initiative…

SW: Nothing much happens. Landspeeders moved up to the sides.
AoA: No action

SW: Nothing else moved except Landspeeders which moved flat out, ending their move almost along my long table edge.
AoA: Rolling for reserves, 1 Rhino, 1 Landspeeder, 1 Dreadnought and 3 Predators came on. Everything moved onto the my left side where the Wolves Landspeeders was, while my Rhino moved 12″ came in on my right towards my objective. Everything I had shot at the 3 Landspeeders. Destroying 1, whacking the other, destroying its multi melta gun on the 3rd. Dreadnought than charges the remaining Landspeeder but fails to hit.

SW: Landspeeder moved 6″ and flamed my Landspeeder but fails to do anything. 3 Razorback moved up towards my line. Wolves unleashed their impressive firepower my way, destroying multi melta arm off my Dreadnought and shaking it. On the other end, Rhino is shaken. Phew. Thank God for cover saves.

My table side.

Another view

AoA: Rolling for reserves again, another Landspeeder, both Dreadnoughts and Rhino comes in. Predators repositioned to see the 3 Razorbacks and supported by the new Dreadnoughts and 2 Landspeeders. 1 Predator opened fired on Wolves last Landspeeder and destroyed it. Remaining 2 Predators, 2 Landspeeders and 2 Dreadnoughts concentrated fire and destroyed 1 Razorback and whacked 1 Razorback. Greyhunters passed their pinning check. Shaken Dreadnought just moved and ran towards the Rifleman Dreadnoughts(02 TL Autocannon).

SW: Two Razorbacks in the back field moved backwards towards his own objective. Dreadnoughts moved back. Shooting saw my running Dreadnoughts been whacked. 1 Predator got destroyed with the Razorback taking a shot at its side armor.
AoA: Reserves saw last Landspeeder and Rhino coming in. Master of the Ravenwing still MIA. I had the Rhino comes in my my left to support the units there and also in an attempt to claim opponent objective. Landspeeder comes in on my right to support my Rhinos on my left. It serves to discourage Wolves from moving too close to me to contest my objective and to traffic jam later. Both Rhinos on my right moved 12″ up and claim my objective, and popped smoke. Planning for the ability to contest objective next turn, Landspeeders moved up to within 24″. Predators and Dreadnoughts moved up too. Shooting saw 3rd Razorback being whacked.

SW: A critical turn for Wolves. 1 Predator moved towards my objective. Rest pivots for better targeting and opened fire. 1 Predator got destroyed, making 1 Landspeeder exposed. Both Landspeeder got stunned, all weapon destroyed and 1 got immobilized.
AoA: Since there’s no way I can contest this turn, I can only plan for contesting on turn 6. Landspeeder on my right moved flat out to block traffic while being in range to contest next turn. Master of the Ravening came on, finally, and moved flat out towards Wolves objective. Dreadnoughts and solo Rhino continues to move up at maximum speed. Rhino near my objective opened fire with the multi melta on the Predator, destroyed its autocannon turret.

Game ended at a dice roll of 2, with a DRAW.


  • Indeed, looking at the deployed Space Wolves across the table is intimidating. I took the gamble to reserves everything to take the initiative back in to my hands. Work out pretty well, could have been better.
  • The Razorbacks are deployed too near me. They have ranges at 48′ while I have about 36″(Landspeeders). Having those units so near my table edge is no good.
  • Space Wolves Landspeeders are doing suicide runs. They should have hang around behind the Predators and only move out to counter threats as a reaction to my offense.
  • Wolves are almost making no attempt to try contest/capture my objective.
  • Despite the above, Wolves made good targeting decisions. Shooting at side armor and recognizing critical units. Must admit, his dice is below average in this game.
  • As a word of fairness, Wolf player didn’t have experience with his army yet. In time, he’ll be better. If not, good.
  • Later, Wolves discovered that he has forgotten about the hunter-killer missiles. Not a single missile was fired.

Hope you had fun.

12 thoughts on “Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Space Wolves

  1. lol… things might have been different if he fired all his HKs during the first turn on anything that didn’t throw smoke.

  2. Actually he was correct to be ultra aggressive with his LSTs but he should have busted your rhinos or LSTs and forced your guys to walk.

    He has enough LS/PLAS to take out your Dreads later and because of his mobility, your dreads might never catch him. His priority should have been your LSTs first and Rhinos 2nd, Dreads 3rd and spend the rest of the game sniping your Tacticals.

    Pity with them HKs… if he remembered, it would have made the difference.

    Good game!

  3. Hey Grim, good game bro!

    Thanks for taking the time to play with a padawan :). I had lots of fun and learnt a ton about deployment and facing and target priority and…. actually, just learnt a lot period, heh.

    I actually didn’t know what my landspeeders were supposed to be doing… on hindsight, I probably should have just kept everything as deployed and waited for your move.

    I was disappointed that my Rune Priest did precisely nothing during the entire game. I’ll probably rejig him a little so that he’ll at least contribute to the battle next time. Need to do a little more research regarding the units affected by Tempest’s Wrath – whether it’s just Deep Strike units or all those individual units listed under the power in the Codex.

    Till next we meet! For the Emperor!

    1. There is no point having multiple rune priests or stacking them out with special abilities (remember, i told you to have cheap ass HQ set ups?) 😉

      For every expensive HQ you put out, there is 1 less vehicle to put on to the table.

      And which one contributes more from turn 1? A tank with 36″ range weapons or a Rune Priest that spends most of its time in a tank?

      1. Hey Dezzo,

        Thanks for the tip :). Yeah, my rune priest was basically naked at 100 points, the obligatory HQ, as it were. He was there basically for the Tempest’s Wrath – with which we weren’t too sure about its effects. From my research since the game, everything points to TW affecting all those listed units in the Codex as individual cases.


  4. Oh… kk… lemme amend the army list. 😀

    Yeah, the amount of firepower in the list is scary. I should have been shot to pieces. That’s why I reserved everything and tries to get cover saves where I can when my units comes on.

    What I did in the game was to concentrate fire on a flank and work from there.

    No matter, this game is non-conclusive. More games will tell whose sons is better! (Though the sons of Leman has the upper hand with the better codex)

  5. Hey Grim,

    I’m really digging your approach to battle reports. I also stole one of your pics, ’cause I love the Las/Plas conversion… good, simple idea.

    Question: what’s the table covered with? I like the look.


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