WIP: Hive Guard

Tyranids newest favorite unit in 5th edition codex, the Hive Guards.

Got myself 4 of these beasties and allow me to share with you how I go about getting it from blister to gaming table.

After I remove the metal pieces off the the package, I removed all flesh and molding lines with a metal filer. I realize there is only a single pose ever with this model.

Using modeling super glue, I glued all the parts together. I should have pinned the parts but I’m lazy. 😀 Hope I don’t get punished later for this laziness.

I decide to do the base separately. Using prumice I based the base simply with it.

Next I base coat the models with dull black spray.
Paint GW foundation orange on the armored parts.
Paint GW red on talon parts of the mode.
The weapon looked dull, so after some color testing I decided to use bleached bone on it.
Washed it with GW sephia wash.
For the base, after a black base coat, dry brushed grey and later by bleached bone, I glued the model on the base.

Various color is added to bring out the details.
Painted black inbetween the armor plates (my hive fleet signature theme).
Painted white on the armor edges.
2 coats of gloss varnish and 1 coat of matt varnish later…

My fnished Hive Guards.

Yes, they are ready for the gaming table! Only 1 problem left to solve, the gun poke out too far forward and this causes the model to tip forward at times. Need to add a counter weight to my base to balance it out. A quick search on google on heaviest metal on earth, lead came up as the easiest to get and cheapest (Plutonium being the heaviest, lead 3rd place).



3 thoughts on “WIP: Hive Guard

  1. Nice! The new hive guard models are the bomb! Fierce alien with big ass gun = win!

    Hope to face nids soon.

  2. Bring it down. Bring it down. Bring it down!

    They are gorgeous man. Lol fierce aliens with BIG ASS guns indeed.

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