Battle Report: Orks vs Tau

Orks have invaded into a Tau controlled space in the Eastern Fringe of the system and a rapid reaction force was dispatched to investigate the Orks forces.

With the recognition of Orks aggressive nature, a small Tau force was task with testing the Orks capabilities.

Leading the small task force is Commander Shas’El Keen and his elite cadre consisting of Firewarriors, Crisis suits, Kroots and Hammerheads. Determined to perform a surprise attack, they successfully approached the Orks at the break of dawn.


Orks Roster
01 Big Mac (keke… custom force field)
11 Slugga boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw, Trukk)
12 Slugga boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw, Trukk w/ reinforce ram)
12 Slugga boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw, Trukk w/ reinforce ram)
12 Shoota boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw, Trukk w/ reinforce ram)
03 Warbuggy (TL Rokkit)
08 Storm boyz (Nob w/ Power Klaw)
04 Defkopta (02 Buzzsaw)
15 Loota
14 Loota

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War

Tau deployed first with 2 squad of Kroots and Shas’El in the forest, setting up an perimeter.
Orks deployed nothing.

Tau: With firewarriors in reserves(declared during deployment) everything came onto the board. Positioned to be ready for the maximum firepower for next turn. Nothing else happened. Not yet.

Orks: Everything else comes in too. Lootas take up position in terrain, Defkoptas turbo-boosted and Trukks moved 18″ inland. Warbuggies tries to spot Piranhas but fails to see.

Tau: Dawn breaks, the Tau ceased the their hiding and fired. Piranha flew 12″ forward to block the way of the Trukks. They split fire and targeted 2 Trukks with their fusion gun but fails to hit. Markerlights hit Defkotas and removed all cover saves. Broadside whacked the middle Trukk and they careened forward. Crisis suits destroyed another 02 Trukks on the extreme right and extreme left. Hammerheads blasted disembarked orks and SMS defkotas, killing enough to force leadership checks. Another Hammerhead blasted Lootas and kills enough to force another leadership checks. Plenty of leadership is needed to make and Orks all passed their test.

Orks: Orks didn’t care what is happening around them and continues to move forward. A Trukk got immobilized on my left while trying to pass through terrain (failed dangerous terrain test in a row). Big Mek and squad, along with Storm boyz moved up and assaulted the Piranhas and destroyed both. 2 Ork boyz move up closer, 1 boyz shot the Kroots and killed 2. Defkoptas shot hammerhead, fails to do anything than charged but and shakes it. Lootas targeted the Crisis suits and killed 1 from a squad, and 2 from another. Both Crisis team passed their morale check. Trukk on my left successfully moved another 18″ infront of Tau gunline.

Tau: Moved Kroots to surround the nearest Trukk to standby to charge the disembarked Ork boyz, Broadside successfully whacked the Trukk. Markerlight hit the Storm boyz, removing all cover saves again, got blasted by Hammerhead and wipe them. Crisis suits on my left kills off all Defkoptas. Kroots proceed to assault the Ork boyz and wipe them out without taking a casualty.
Orks: With most of the Ork units in disarray, Big Mek managed to keep them under control and push them forward. Ork boyz on my left and right move up with the Boyz with Big Mek in the middle. Lootas  opened fire on Crisis again and killed 2 suits, putting a wound on the 3rd and Shas’El. Charging into the Kroots with the boyz, Orks wiped the Kroots clean and consolidated into the woods. A 3rd unit of Slugga boyz on my left charged Hammerhead and stuns it.

Tau: With 1 squad of boyz clear and 3 more to go, and the all 3 squads right infront of Tau gunline! Crisis suits all move out again. Devilfish tank shock a squad of boyz knocking on the stunned Hammerhead but they stays. Markerlights lit up said boyz, removed all cover saves, minus 1 leadership and plus BS to Shas’El Keen and his unit. Shas’El Keen opened fire and kills all the boyz, and left the nob standing alone. Nob panic and falls back. Rest of the fire power is poured into another Shoota boyz and wiped them out.

Orks: With 2 boyz left, the Orks waste no time and charged Broadside and Pathfinders. Broadside got wiped and Pathfinders falls back. Lootas open fire on Devilfish and whacks it. Another Lootas shot and Crisis suits and kills 1, and the Crisis failed morale check and fall off table.

Tau: Pathfinders continue to falls back. Crisis took up position and wipe Big Mek’s unit. Kroot rapid fire the last Boyz and reduce them to 2 boyz, and the boyz fail morale check and falls back. Hammerhead continues up towards the Lootas.

Orks: With the last 2 unit of broken boyz falling back, only the Lootas and Warbuggies are left. Lootas opened fire on Firewarriors, even after going to ground, 4 Firewarriors died. Luckily the Firewarriors stay strong and holds ground. Warbuggies get into a good position and kills a Crisis unit. Lootas once again opened fire on Shas’El Keen, kills him off and left the last Crisis suit hanging alone. Not feeling brave anymore, the Crisis suit did a tactical retreat.

Rolling for game end, rolls a 4. Game on.

Tau: Crisis and Pathfinders both continues to fail leadership check and went home packing. Kroots fire on the falling back boys and kills them off. Hammerhead SMSed the lone falling back nob and kills him off. 2nd Hammerhead tank shocked the Lootas, but they stayed. Gun Drones jets into terrain, fails dangerous terrain check, fails morale check, falls off table. Idiot drones.

Orks: With nothing much left to do, Lootas finished off the Firewarriors.

Another roll for game end, a 2 was rolled. Game ends.

Tau earns 13KP and Orks with 11KP. Tau wins.


  • Tough game. Orks really give me a good time. A real test of my target priority.
  • Top priority was the Defkoptas. They moved too fast for my comfort so they got taken out ASAP.
  • 2nd priority was the Trukks of boyz and Storm boyz. Killing the Storm boyz was good, as I just keep blasting them with Hammerheads.
  • Using my usual trick with Piranhas, I stopped the Trukks in the middle of the road with them. Ork player confessed that he wanted to ignore the Piranhas but seeing where they were, so he spend a turn dealing with the Piranhas. Win for me and I bought myself another turn to shoot.
  • Losing my units to failed morale check sucks.
  • As usual whatever the Ork charged, that unit dies. Lucky for me, I get to shoot them next time.



2 thoughts on “Battle Report: Orks vs Tau

  1. Great battle report! Although some small error in recording here and there. E.g my deffkoptas being too far away, didnt manage to charge your hammerhead. And my shoota boyz + another half squad charged your broadsides before getting killed the next turn – not the other way round haha.

    Good game for me too. Overall, I must say it was a great game with many learning points (surprisingly from just a single game), which helped me greatly in tuning my list.

    Thanks for the game and your noodle (delicious) !

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