Painting: Tau

Repainted some of my Tau units.

First up, Tau objective markers. Made these using seeker missiles and fusion gun.

Next are some Gun Drones.

Next on the show case is my HQ – Shas’El

This Shas’El is converted by a good friend of mine Edward.

Crisis teams. Painted all 9 of them.

On my painting table are Kroots, Hounds, more drones and Pathfinders. When those are done, will finish up all my Tau vehicles and Broadsides. Than my Tau are fully painted.

6 thoughts on “Painting: Tau

    1. Haha. Not really.
      Had so many drones assembled but not painted, kind of a pity. So I simply paint them for completeness sakes.

  1. You should really get them done.

    The last Tau army I faced had about 20 drones in the 9 Crisis Suit unit.

    Took me 5 turns of Tyranid shooting to get rid of the whole unit. x-P

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