Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Tau

So many Space Wolves in my area. A quick count gives me 5. Bet when Blood Angels are release, another new wave of Marines will surface. Not complaining. 😀 Anyways, this time its Apheleon’s Space Wolves.

Space Wolves Roster
01 Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Tempest Wrath)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
05 Grey Hunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma)
05 Grey Hunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma)
05 Grey Hunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma)
05 Grey Hunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma)
05 Grey Hunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter killer missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter killer missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Hunter killer missile)

Mission: Secure and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

Tau won the roll off and gives it to Wolves. Wolves deployed Rune Priest attached into a Grey Hunter squad in Razorback.
Note: All pictures are taken at the end of each player turn.

Tau deployed 19″ away into forest with 2 units of Kroot. Fire Warriors in reserves.

With no intention to seize initiative, game on.

SW: Everything moved onto the board with all Dreadnoughts on my left, Razorbacks on my middle left, Predators on my middle right and Land Speeders on my right. Nothing else happened due Night Fight.

Tau: I have Hammerheads on my left and right, Devilfish on my middle left and Piranha on my right. 3 Crisis team behind each vehicle. Broadside on my right behind a terrain feature. A Crisis team behind the Devilfish managed to see the nearest Razorback and destroyed it. Devilfish also SMS the disembarked Rune Priest & Grey Hunters, killing enough to force morale check but they passed the test. Pathfinders which had disembarked from the Devilfish, ran to take up better position.
Piranhas was deployed on my right to stay out of shooting range of 12 TL Autocannon shots from the Dreadnoughts. Hammerheads to cover each flank with firepower.

SW: Landspeeders moved 24″ and ended its move in front of my Piranhas. Shooting from Dreadnoughts shakes Hammerhead, Razorbacks did weapon destroyed on Devilfish, 2 Predator shot Hammerhead, nothing. 1 Predator whacked a Piranha.
Overall, Space Wolves are using the wrong weapon on my units. Autocannons on AV13 and Lascannon on AV12? Lucky me. Only 1 shot got it right, autocannon from Predator targeted Piranha.

Tau: Both Hammerheads repositioned, Piranha moved to the side of Landspeeders, and Crisis suits break cover. Shooting saw 1 whacked Landspeeder, 1 shaken and 1 stunned from combine fire power from 2 Crisis team, 1 Hammerhead and 1 Broadside. 1 Dreadnought suffers 1 weapon destroyed from 3rd Crisis team. Gun drone creeps closer to opponent objective.
The most threatening unit are Landspeeders, Razorbacks, Dreadnoughts and lastly Predators. So I need to disable those units in that order. Quite ineffective shooting. Landspeeders are armed with Multi Melta and Heavy flamer thus it has highest priority as it can easily destroy my vehicle and flame my Kroots. At least they are disabled for 1 turn, for now.

SW: A Razorback moved up to Rune Priest, Grey Hunters disembarked and join up. Razorback pop smoke. Dreadnoughts continue to shoot Hammerhead and stuns it. Rune Priest used living lightning on Hammerhead, fails to do anything. Razorbacks explodes Devilfish. With the now exposed Crisis team, took 2 more instant death lascannon shot with no cover save. Luckily, the Crisis team passed their morale check. Predator continues to shoot Hammerhead, between 6s to glance and 4+ cover save, nothing happen. Last Piranha died to Predator.
Once again, str7 shots at AV13. Lucky me. Landspeeder didn’t moved! Time to get them out of my sight.

Tau: Didn’t move this turn. Markerlights hit a Razorback on my extreme left, increased BS on a Crisis team to 5 and proceed to whack it. Broadside destroyed 1 Landspeeder. Crisis team with SMS from Hammerhead only stun last Landspeeder. Hammerhead shot at Razorback nearest his objective, immobilizing it. Crisis team charged Landspeeder than destroys it, taking 1 wound from the explosion. Crisis team in the middle took shots at Rune Priest, killing a few. Gun drones continues to creep closer.
Upon reflection now, my middle Crisis team should have just shot at the Razorback which has popped smoke. Shots from Crisis team on Landspeeder was disappointing. So many shot but only 1 glance. Lucky I still can charge it. Phew. Getting a pen on the Razorback with my Hammerhead was great! Atlas, rolled a 3 on pen table which result in an immobilized. NOOOO…. worst result of all the effect.

SW: Realizing what my evil plan for my Gun drones, all Grey Hunters disembarked and made a rush to the objective. Dreadnoughts continue their fire on Hammerhead and fails to do anything this turn. So did Razorback on Hammerhead. 1 Predator shot at Hammerhead and fired 1 Hunter killer missile. Missile hits(3+ to hit, I failed cover saves), pens(roll 6), explodes it(6 on pen table)! 1 Predator shot Crisis team and kills 1. Last Predator shot 1 Gun Drone unit and wipes it easily.
Nice rolling there on my Hammerhead!

Tau: Fire Warriors came in this turn and came in behind Kroots. Last Hammerhead move up, shot a Razorback with Railgun and destroyed lascannon. SMS on Rune Priest. Crisis team aided by Markerlights whacked another Razorback. Broadside shot Predator and stuns it. Crisis team on my right ran up and just tries to cover as much ground as possible. Last Gun drone unit continues to creep up.
I need something to contest his objective. Hopefully this last min dash will work out.

SW: Grey Hunters continues to move towards the objective. A Grey Hunter squad shot Gun drones and wipes it. Dreadnoughts shot Hammerhead, fails to do anything. Razorback shot Hammerhead, fails to do anything too. Predators shot Crisis team and kills 1 more. Living lightning on Hammerhead did nothing again.
With Gun drones gone and no units within range to contest, this looks very much like a draw game.

Tau: Hammerhead moves up, Railgun took out lascannon from another Razorback. 2 Crisis team shot at Rune Priest and kills enough for morale check, they passed. Broadside finally wrecks a Predator. Crisis team on my extreme left shot and shakes 1 Dreadnought.
Did nothing significant this turn. Couldn’t move close enough with the Crisis to contest his objective, couldn’t move too close or will get charged by Grey Hunters.Hammerhead is still too far away.

Game ended on a roll of 2. Draw game.

Post Game

  • Another draw game. Well, this mission is very easy to draw.
  • We played on and I only managed to contest Wolves objective on turn 7.
  • Major target priority problem for the Wolves. Str7 weapons on AV13 while Str9 weapons on AV12. This is highlighted to Apheleon.
  • Landspeeders tried to traffic jam me but this doesn’t really work as all Tau vehicles are skimmers. I will just move over them. In fact, I want those Landspeeders down due they have Multi Melta and Heavy Flamer. If they just hid behind the Predators and just move up together, I will be in trouble.
  • Overall, my Kroots did nothing whole game. Lucky for them, they brought food and just picniced. 🙂
  • If I were to play differently, I would have deployed all my Hammerheads, Devilfish and Crisis on my right flank. The game might have turn out different as I will just shut down the Dreadnoughts. Replying on my extreme range and shoot stuffs down, greatly reducing return firepower.

Added my thoughts and plans into the report. Hope you like this addition.



4 thoughts on “Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Tau

  1. Another great battle report, Grim.

    I’m reading between the lines some, so may be wrong, but it seems you’re teaching Apeleon the game. If so, you’re doing a top-notch job, ’cause his list is Grade A.

    It seems to me he’s playing a bit too static though. The benefit SW have over older ‘dexes is the mobility they can bring to bear along with all the firepower.

    Good job – Brent

    1. Grim: Another great Battle Report indeed. Target prioritization was definitely a major problem as I failed to recognize weapon-to-armor match-ups. Thanks for the tip there :). As you also pointed out post-game, I made some tactical errors with my Landspeeders as well – again, a sign of not recognizing the capabilities of the opponent’s armies. I think I have to start buying all the codices and start reading up on them, heh.

      Brent: Grim is definitely teaching me the game – this is my 2nd W40K game ever, so to have someone like Grim playing with me and then providing post-game analysis is incredible. I started the list to see how far a new-comer to W40K could go with no early-edition mindset and a variant of one of Stelek’s lists. Grim’s basically bringing his hardest lists to the table and hopefully, in the process, we all can get something valuable out of it.

      I’ll add my own thoughts about what was going on during the game (soon, I hope).


    2. Brent: I would love some tips regarding the movement and mobility of the SW army. It seemed that during the game, I was always torn between moving and only firing one weapon and staying stationary and able to fire all weapons.

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