Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Tau

Space Wolves again. Yeah. Defu’s Space Wolves these are. Here’s how the game went.

Space Wolves Roster
01 Logan
01 Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Jaws of World Wolf)
01 Lone Wolf
01 Dreadnought (Assault cannon, Heavy flamer)
05 Wolfguard (01 Terminator armor/Cyclone ML/Power weapon, 04 Power armor/Chain sword/Bolt Pistol)
05 Wolfguard (01 Terminator armor/Cyclone ML/Power weapon, 04 Power armor/Chain sword/Bolt Pistol)
05 Wolfguard (01 Terminator armor/Cyclone ML/Power weapon, 04 Power armor/Chain sword/Bolt Pistol)
05 Wolfguard (01 Terminator armor/Cyclone ML/Power weapon, 04 Power armor/Chain sword/Bolt Pistol)
04 Thunderwolf Calvary (01 Power fist, 01 Melta bomb, 01 Bolter, 01 Chain sword)
04 Thunderwolf Calvary (01 Power fist, 01 Melta bomb, 01 Bolter, 01 Chain sword)
05 Longfangs (04 Lascannon)

Mission: Seize Ground (05 Objective)
Deployment: Spearhead

Tau won roll and elect to go first.
01 Kroot squad infiltrates and 01 Firewarrior squad in reserves.

Wolves deployed on the opposite, 02 Thunderwolves calvary in reserves.

Kroot infiltrates!

Wolves tries to seize initiative, failed.

Tau: Tau didn’t move much, except Piranhas moved up behind the ruins. Shooting saw 2 squads of Wolfguards needing to take morale check but they passed.
With no armor to shoot, Hammerheads only shot submunition. Piranhas flew behind ruins to go after the Dreadnoughts. Next turn my infiltrated Kroots will be able to assault some Wolfguards.

SW: Dreadnought and Lonewolf moved up. Wolfguards also moved up. Longfangs gained relentless and broke cover. Shooting saw 4 infiltrated Kroots taking 4 casualties and failed morale check.
Dang, Wolves only used Dreadnought assault cannon, 4 CML and 2 Storm bolter, despite 3+ cover saves I still suffered 4 casualty and failed morale check. Hope they can rally.

Tau: Kroots failed to rally and fall off table. Firewarriors came in from reserves thus Devilfish moved back to carry them in. Markerlights lit up Lonewolf and shooting saw it taking 1 wound. All gun drones disembarked and Piranha broke cover and destroyed Dreadnought.
Only kill 1 Dreadnought.

SW: 01 Thunderwolf came in from reserves, Wolfguard continue to move up. Longfangs gained tank hunters and utterly destroyed 1 Hammerhead. Crisis team that was hiding behind the Hammerhead, got shot and took 1 casualty. Failed morale check and fall off table. Shooting at Piranha, 1 got immobilized and got charged by Thunderwolf, and was destroyed. The 2nd Piranha survived shooting and got assault by a Wolfguard squd, resulting a shaken.
Tau casualty so far: 01Hammerhead, 01Crisis team, 01Kroot squad and 01Piranha.

Tau: Keeping out of 24″ from Wolves long table edge, Hammerhead move closer. Gun drones moved up and surround Lonewolf. With aid of markerlights on Lonewolf, it was shot to death. Gun drones moved up the ruins, keeping out of LOS as possible. Piranha moved flat out to my lower right. Broadside shot Longfangs, wound assigned to Logan.
Only kill 1 Lonewolf this turn. Wolf casualty: Dreadnought and Lone wolf. Gun Drones are there to wait and contest objective, if they survive long enough.

SW: A squad of Wolfguard continues to move towards my upper left objective, while another squad has already reach my lower right objective. Rune Priest detached from the Longfangs and shot living lightning at my 2nd Crisis team, they took an wound. Some frags shot Pathfinders and killed 3 despite going to ground, failed morale check and falls back. Devilfish got shaken by Longfangs.

Tau: Pathfinders rallied. Seeing a lot my units have already been disabled, I rush my Devilfish up to claim my upper left objective. Hammerhead shot railgun at Thunderwolf and kills 1, they failed morale check and falls off table. Broadside shot and isolated Rune Priest and kills it.
Wolf casualty: 01Dreadnought, 01Lonewolf, 01 Rune priest and 01Thunderwolf calvary.

SW: Last Thunderwolf calvary came in and assaulted Devilfish, whacked it. Wolfguard assault 1 Gun drone squad, won combat but fails to catch it. Gun drone falls back 10″. Shooting at exposed Crisis team, and kills 1, putting 1 wound on last suit. Longfangs gained Tank hunters, shot at last Hammerhead and whacked it.
Tau casualty: 02 Hammerhead, 01 Devilfish, 01 Kroot, 01 Crisis team.

Tau: Gun drone rallied. Pulling out my contest plans, solo Gun drone move up to contest middle objective, failed dangerous terrain check and self destructed. -_-” 2nd Gun drone moved it successfully. Piranha also moved 24″ to contest middle objective. Concentrating to force as much morale check this turn, Firewarriors rapid fire on closest Wolfguard and dealt 7 wounds, killing 1. Crisis managed to kill another to force 1 morale check. Lone Crisis kills 1 from lower right objective Wolfguard squad, forcing another morale check. Shas’El join up with Kroots, moved to claim 2 objectives, shot at middle Wolfguard squad, killing 1, also forcing another morale check. With 3 morale checks to roll, Wolf all passed their checks at this critical moment.
Wolf casualty: 01Dreadnought, 01Lonewolf, 01 Rune priest and 01Thunderwolf calvary (no change).

SW: Having survive this critical turn, Gun drones got destroyed by Wolfguard, Piranha got whacked by Longfangs, Lone Crisis got shot and killed by 1 Wolfguard squad nearest to it, Kroot squad got charged by Thunderwolf and lost combat, falling back. Firewarriors got shot and charged by nearest Wolfguard and got wiped.
Tau casualty: 02 Hammerhead, 01 Devilfish, 02 Gun drones, 02 Piranha, 01 Kroot and 02 Crisis team.

Tau: Since my Kroots are below half strength, they fall off table along with my Shas’El. Thinking whether I still have a chance to turn the game, I need to get my Broadside to contest 1 objective and Crisis team to contest another to draw the game.
Tau casualty: Everything except, 1 crisis team, 1 Broadside and 1 Pathfinder.

SW: Longfangs and Wolfguard shot Broadside and kills it. Thunderwolf easily kills off Pathfinders, and upper left Wolfguard move up to engaged Crisis team. Seeing there’s no way now, Tau conceded.

Post Game:

  • Tau got massacred at the end of Turn06.
  • Dice has not been kind to Tau. Failing almost all my leadership test, missing shots etc. It happens.
  • Tau was basically out shot by the Wolves.
  • On the other hand, Tau has forced Wolves to make plenty of leadership test but the Wolves only failed 1 which causes 1 Thunderwolf Calvary to do a tactical retreat.

Cheers. 😀

9 thoughts on “Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Tau

  1. Another great report. Gratz on the win, Defu :).

    Hey, I know all about being at the mercy of the dice gods, heh ;). Just gotta ride it out and pray for better rolls next game!

  2. Alvin, you may really want to consider adding Gun Drones to your Crisis Suits as per our last discussion. Spending some points to up your unit size to 5 is really not too bad. Failing a single morale test at 9+ is that tough. Couple that with the fact that you do not have wound allocation on your Crisis Suits, you are taking morale checks more often than not. If points is an issue, maybe sacrifice some upgrades on your vehicles? Your Crisis Suits are your greatest asset.

    And actually you are not that suay, you actually made his TWC fall off the table ! HAHA.

      1. There’s nothing to take away from vehicle. +BS, +move 12″ still can shoot and +always cover saves, it’s already the bare minimum. It’s actually ok cause indeed Crisis can fail morale check. It’s a good thing 🙂

  3. I had luck, board (with a building in the middle blocking LOS and providing cover ) and deployment (spearhead that allowed me to outrange most of Alvin’s units), so I won’t take too much credit for the win. But what an interesting game it was?

    Btw, Alvin was also my mentor lol =)

  4. The disciple had surpassed the master! hahahaha can 下山 already.

    Logan will pay! I will kill it eventually…

  5. hey grimcron, sick of space puppies yet?

    anyways got my face owned during the weekend testing the new tyranids.

    not fun! xD

    1. Kind of but can’t be helped. Space Wolves and IG builds are currently the top codex imho while Tyranids are at best an average good. Need an official FAQ to determine whether Tyranids can be top notch army.

      1. difficult even with FAQ. been testing various lists and its very iffy.

        the only list that truly works is probably termagaunt / tervigon spam with walking zoanthropes (cover saves galore) and regenerating mawlocs

        hadn’t seen you play against IG, me thinks. maybe we have a go when i finish my army.

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