Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Necrons

Finally the dead walks amongst the living. They have been too long in the tombs and once again they stir as a detachment of Space Wolves landed on their tomb world. A Necron Lord quickly assembled a small force to claim their essence for harvesting. To once again return the tomb world to a lifeless planet.

Apheleon’s Space Wolves vs Grimcron’s Necron Wraithwing

Note: All pictures are taken at the end of each player turn.

Mission: Capture and Control(05 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

Necron won dice off and gave it to Space Wolves who will decide deployment zone and going first.

Space Wolves deployment, 03 Landspeeders in normal reserves.

Necron’s deployment

Notice a bunch of Marines in the ranks of Necrons? 😀 They are the latest harvested bodies for the C’tan. Since they are the newest addition to the living dead, they have the rank of Necron Warrior.

Since the trees are lacking in the store, we decided that for forested area terrain grants vehicles inside and/or behind it a 5+ cover save.

Space Wolves: With little to adjust, shooting commenced. Overall, shooting saw minimum damage. 01 Tomb Spyder dead, 01 Heavy destroyer and 4 Immortals lie on the floor.

Necron: WWB- 02 Immortals.
1. Everything moved up closer. Lord+Scarabs and Wraiths turbo-boosted onto a flank. I chosen to flank on my right is because I do not want to be tied up by Dreadnoughts.
2. Shooting saw alot of glancing effects. 01 Predator has all its weapon destroyed in 1 round of shooting. A Dreadnought lost a weapon.
3. Tomb Spyder spawned a scarab swarm.

Objectives is all marked in this picture.

Space Wolves: No reserves came in.
1. Units on my left moved abit to have better LOS, the same is done on my right flank. I see he has also split his forces into two parts to deal with me.
2. Shooting was ineffective. I made almost all my saves except 01 Heavy Destroyer.

Necron: WWB – 0.
1. An Immortal squad and Tomb Spyder is task with dealing at the weaponless Predator. Shot at assaulted it, stunning it only.
2. Combine fire from the Warriors and a Immortal squad on a Dreadnought, glanced it and destroyed last weapon and immobilized.
3. Immortals on my left shot another Dreadnought and took out a weapon.
4. Lord+Scarabs moved and assaulted a Predator, took out all its weapon.
5. Wraiths moved and assaulted nearest Razorback and destroys it.

Space Wolves: 03 Landspeeders came in from reserves. All Landspeeders deviated from appointed landing spot but are ok except 1 which rolled on mishap table, allowing me to placed it anywhere on the table. I selected a spot right infront of my Warriors so I can shoot it, blocking traffic and facing wrong direction so it couldn’t shoot this turn. That’s the Landspeeder on the top leftof the picture.
1. Most Greyhunters disembarked from their Razorback except 1.
2. A Landspeeder(out of pic but is just outside the bottom left) flamed my Immortals and Warriors in the middle. Catching 3 Immortals and 10 Warriors.
4. Combine fire on his right wing on my Warriors, again saw some Warriors lying down.
5. Recent weaponless Predator tank shocked Lord+Scarabs and moved 12″ forward. Lord passed leadership check.
6. Shooting on my Wraiths from Razorback and Greyhunters saw a unit lying down.
7. Razorbacks shot Heavy Destroyers and wiped them out. No chance for WWB.
8. Tomb Spyder wrecks the Predator.
9. RunePriest and attached Greyhunters charged into Necron Lord. Winning combat by 7, fortunately Necron passed leadership check.

Necron: WWB – Some Warriors, 1 Wraith.
1. A Immortal squad moved backwards to engaged the Landspeeder. Combine with rapid firing Warriors, destroyed Multi Melta gun and stunned it.
2. Bottom picture Immortal shot at 3rd Landspeeder(outside picture but is further on bottom left), glanced it to death with 2 weapon destroyed and immobilized results.
3. Warriors on my left rapid into Landspeeder on my top, stunning it only.
4. Last Immortal squad moved up, shot and assault into Greyhunters. Draw combat. I did this to tie them up, preventing them from coming closer to engage my Warriors.
5. Lord and RunePriest continues their melee, once again Wolves won combat.. their numbers reduced as both side takes casualty. Necron fights on.
6. Wraiths charged into combat with Greyhunters, won combat. Fight stays on.

Space Wolves:
1. Dreadnoughts and Razorbacks concentrated fire on my Warriors, 4 laid down while 1 got destroyed utterly from lascannon. Passed morale check.
2. RunePriest squad of Greyhunters got wiped leaving RunePriest standing. Scarabs takes more wounds, Necron still lost combat but fights on.
3. Wraiths and Greyhunter continues their fight, Greyhunter lost another brother. Fight goes on.
4. Tomb Spyder takes swings at Predator and immobilized it.

Necron: WWB: 2 Warriors and 1 Wraith.
1. Taking another shot and swing at Landspeeder by Immortals and rapid Warriors, finally destroys it.
2. Top Warrior squad rapid Landspeeder, does nothing.
3. Immortals and Greyhunter in melee dealt no damage to each other.
4. Lord dealt 1 wound on RunePriest, having decided to swing at Lord instead of Scarabs this turn, RunePriest failed to wound. Losing combat, RunePriest failed leadership check and successfully breaks off from combat.
5. Wraiths and Greyhunter draws combat too.
6. Tomb Spyder wracks Predator.
~.~.~ Forgot to take picture. 😀 ~.~.~

Space Wolves:
1. RunePriest continues to fall back due within 6″ of the enemy.
2. Last Greyhunter disembarked and moved towards own objective and claimed it.
3. Shooting at Warriors from Dreadnoughts and Razorback proved to be uphill as only a few Warriors lies down, awaiting for WWB. Passed morale check.
4. Last Landspeeder moved up to contest Necron objective, flamed the Necron Warriors but they made all armor saves.
5. Razorbacks and RunePriest shot at Necron Lord, dealing 1 wound on him and kills 1 scarab base.
6. Wraith kills off last Greyhunters and consolidated towards next Greyhunters.

Necron: WWB – Some Warriors.
With the final plan at hand to contest all objectives and removed all contesting unit from Necron objective,
1. Scarab went and contested objective on my top left, claimed by Greyhunters.
2. Lord contested objective on my top right, claimed by Greyhunters.
3. Warriors and Immortals shot at Landspeeder but fails to glance it to death. Only weapon destroyed and stunned.
4. Bottom Warrior ran to try reach my third objective on my bottom right but fails to reach.
5. Wraiths and Lord assaults into Greyhunter squad on my top right. We didn’t roll for combat since play time is already up.

Game ended with Space Wolves controlling 00 objective, Necron controlling 01 objective. Necron contesting 02 Space Wolves objective while they contested 01 Necron objective.

Post Game

  1. The last turn was critical. If Wolves had used his vehicle to surround his objective, my Scarab will have no chance to go in and contest.
  2. No idea why he likes to disembark troops from transport. Having done that, my units will go straight for his troops and kills them. Almost nothing is out of reach from Wraiths.
  3. Wolves Landspeeder should have contested my bottom left objective since it has the range to reach. Than use Predator to contest my top left objective. The game is basically in his hands but he let it slip through.
  4. Having already make known to him of Necron weaknesses, he should have moved Dreadnought up and assault me. I won’t be able to do anything to it while the Dreadnought has a good chance to sweep me. I placed Immortals in between whole game to prevent this. Atlas, no Dreadnought came.
  5. With Necron, they are very resilient in a shootout.
  6. Overall, Apheleon has greatly improved with this target priority and deployment.
  7. My strategy to split his force into 2 worked.
  8. I love my Wraiths. I probably should have attached my Lord to Wraiths instead of Scarabs. The combat resolution almost sweep my Scarabs and Lord if not for the very low dice roll I did. A 3 I rolled, just passed as I lost by 7.
  9. Wraiths weaknesses are explained to Apheleon, that Wraiths are afraid of volume. The more body you pile into them, forcing more saves, the Wraiths will go down in no time. Whether by small arms fire or number of attacks, doesn’t matter since the max squad size of Wraith are only 3 and are only T4. Power weapons are irrelevant to Wraiths.
  10. Immortals did great this game. They were put to the test and passed with flying colors. Having split them into 3 squads of 5, I have the flexibility to deal with targets that came along. Knowing no power weapons on Greyhunters, I charged them in to tie them up for I know it will take a long time to take the Immortals down.
  11. Heavy Destroyers are like bait. They are the heavy guns in my army list and quite are easy to take down. Making them perfect as bait which allows my other units free from shooting. They have done well.
  12. Overall, it is a game of glancing vehicles to death for Necrons, and shooting at models that refuse to stay down for Space Wolves. 🙂

It’s great to be playing my first 40K army again. Since their down fall in 5th edition, I was reluctant to field them but now the flame is slowly burning brighter. At heart, I am still a Necron player. Hope Necron codex comes soon and as promised around Jan 2011. Not another false rumors which I have read too often with disappointments after.

Thanx again for the game Apheleon.

One thought on “Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Necrons

  1. It’s the Day of the Living Dead! Thanks for the game, Grim. Had good fun playing another unique army of yours. I must say that these series of introductory games against your different armies is really 40K 101, heh. Stuff I learnt this game:

    1. It’s not the list that wins games, it’s the general. The list merely makes it easier to achieve the victory.

    2. The tanks are the bubblewrap: never disembark unless absolutely necessary.

    3. 40K is a game of feints and distractions: I know I’ve been suckered into making moves that did not serve me well, lol.

    4. I think this bears repeating: knowing the enemy well is almost half the battle won (of course, if you’re dumb like me, even after knowing, you still make stupid mistakes, then you’ve only got yourself to blame, lol).

    5. I’m slowly learning how each unit performs in CC and at range, how long will they get tied up for, against different enemies and toughnesses, etc. This is important because it seemed as if you knew exactly what to go for, which unit to tie up which whilst freeing up your other units to do what they needed to do. Something that comes from playing more games I guess.

    6. Positioning of units is critical: A little gap here and there may mean the difference between a loss or a victory.

    Again, thanks for the game and I look forward to the next game!

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