Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Necrons

Played a small game quite some time back. Hook up a game with Tank against his Ultramarines. Playing 1k points.

Tank’s Ultramarines
01 Librarian (Terminator, Force Weapon/Storm bolter, Gate of infinity, Vortex of doom)
05 Terminator (05 Storm bolter/Power fist, 01 Cyclone missile launcher)
05 Terminator (05 Thunder hammer/Storm shield)
10 Tactical (Sgt Chain sword/Bolt pistol, 01 Flamer, 08 Bolter, Rhino: Hunter-killer missile)
10 Tactical (Sgt Chain sword/Bolt pistol, 01 Missile launcher, 08 Bolter, Rhino: Hunter-killer missile)

Grimcron’s Necrons
01 Nightbringer
10 Warrior
10 Warrior
02 Wraith
02 Wraith
01 Tomb Spyder
01 Tomb Spyder

Mission: Seize ground (04 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

I won roll off and gave Tank 1st turn.

Ultramarines deployment

Necron Deployment

Ultramarines closes distance as fast as they could. Rhinos moved 12″ and tactical disembarked around an objective. Librarian with thunderhammer Terminators used gate of infinity and successfully moved about 18″ up.
Nightbringer move up but staying clear of charge range from the Terminators. Wraiths moves up and assaults tactical on my left.

Thunderhammer wielding Terminators gated again infront of my Necron firing line. Rhino on my right moved 12″ again, Tactical squad disembarked to claim another objective. Wraiths continue to fight.
20 Warriors rapid into Terminators and kill some. Nightbringer charges in and wipes them out.

Nightbringer was on the rampage, after wiping out Terminators he assaults Rhino and destroys it. Tomb Spyder and Nightbringer charges Tactical squad and wipes them out. Moving towards the last Terminator squad. Ultramarines can only watch as the only weapon that could wound Nightbringer was Cyclone ML. Wraiths on my left continue their assaults.

Around turn04 Wraiths won combat and the Ultramarines successfully breaks away from combat, soon after are escorted off table. Nightbringer charges into Terminator squad and kills all on the charge.

Tank hasn’t been playing for quite a few weeks and was eager to play 40K and just roll some dices. So he just wants to have some fun and roll dices. It explains his actions of just wanted to get into a fight. 😀

Nightbringer single-handedly destroyed about 800pts worth of models.

Anyways, we played another game after this and draw game on KP.