Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Tyranids

Both are hungry for blood. Both are eager for battle. Who will emerge victorious?

Hafiz just gotten his BA codex(like 1hr before I arrived for the game) and wanted to test his list. His first list includes Dante and Mephiston. During playing both didn’t dare come close and hide. He scout moved 18″ towards me with his 3 Baal predator. Since I got first turn, Hive Guards turn 2 Baal into trash(hitting on side armor) and the last Baal(hitting on front armor) with weapon destroyed and stunned. He conceded at end of turn2 and back to the drawing board.

After some discussion with him and with what models he had, he made a 2nd armylist as follows.

Hafiz Blood Angels
01 Librarian (Force weapon/Bolt pistol, Wings of sanguinius, Might of Heroes)
01 Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (Force weapon, DCCW/Storm bolter, Wings of sanguinius, Might of Heroes)
01 Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (Force weapon, DCCW/Storm bolter, Wings of sanguinius, Might of Heroes)
05 Tactical (05 Bolters, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Tactical (05 Bolters, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Tactical (05 Bolters, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
01 Baal Predator (TL Assault cannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Landspeeder (Heavy bolter, Tyhoon missile launcher)
01 Landspeeder (Heavy bolter, Tyhoon missile launcher)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons)
01 Land Raider Redeemer (no upgrades)

Grimcron Tyranids v1.5

Mission: Seized Ground (04 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Tyranids won roll and chose to deploy first.

Blood Angels deployment. Land Raider is deepstriking. Baal scouted 18″ forward into my right flank. No Blood Angels unit got angry(all made their red thirst roll).

Everything moved forward. Catalyst on two Hive Guards. Shooting saw front Predator got wrecked. I ran the rest.

In retaliation, Blood Angels puts 3 wounds on my Harpy with Razorbacks. Predator shot Tyrant but he makes all his saves. Landspeeder moved flat out on my right. Right Dreadnought casted wings and flew out.

Tervigon continues to spawn more Termgants (running out of space soon). Injured Harpy flew back into hiding. Everything else moved forward again. Hive Guards and Tyrant targeted 3 Razorbacks, 1 shaken and 1 immobilized.

Landraider came in behind my lines but scatters off table, rolling a 6 on mishap it went back into reserves. Landspeeder moved closer, shot all at Tyrant, deals no damage. Razorback shot Tyrant, deals no damage. Predator shot Tyrant again, deals 1 wound. Baal shot at Termagant on my right, they went to ground, 1 died. Right Dreadnought flew closer.

Tervigon spawned its’ last Termagant. Total Termagant spawned in this game is 47. Plus existing 23(1 died) that’s 70 Termagants on the table! Another round of shooting from Harpy, Hive Guards and Tyrant saw 2 Razorbacks wrecked, 1 Razorback’s Lascannon destroyed and 1 Landspeeder wrecked.

Land Raider came in and deepstrike near my Tyrant. Both Dreadnought flew closer. Left Dreadnought charged into my Termagant wrap and killed 6. Baal Predator shot right Termagant, going to ground, killed 3. I removed those nearest to Dreadnought to deny charge. Land Raider, Predator and Landspeeder puts 1 wound on each Tyrant.

Since time is up, I speed forward and explain what I would do for next two/three turns and what Hafiz could possibly do. I will keep feeding Termagants into the Dreadnoughts to tie it down for the rest of the game. Land Raider will come close and burn me once, than I will use my MC and try hit it down. If the Tactical breaks LOS to make a dash for objective, my Tyrant will dakka it. On my right flank, Predator will probably contest 1 objective. Middle two objectives will be probably be contested/claimed(need to play to find out). This leave 1 objective on my left claimed and uncontested by me.

Victory to Tyranids.


  • Hive Guards are MVP. Str8 shots that doesn’t grant cover saves is huge.
  • Changing Tyrant weapons to TL Devourers is a good decision. It has more threat than before. At str6, it can touch AV10/11 quite easily with its massive amount of shots.
  • Harpies once again proves to be a good addition. Hitting side armor with str9.
  • Librarian powers were recommended by another gamer(Chee Yong) in store, to be shield of sang and 1 offensive. Reason is so that during opponent turn, everything around Librarian will get 5+ cover. This will give the Blood Angels some protection against my Hive Guards. Good advise.
  • Change Tactical squad to Assault squad. This way the transport taken is cheaper. But since Hafiz doesn’t have any marines with chain sword/bolt pistol, not sure what he will do.
  • Blood Angels should have deployed everything on my extreme right and not infront of my Tyranids. This will ensure they have more turns to shoot at me since all their guns have longer reach.
  • Landspeeder flew too close. It has a range of 48″ yet it came within 24″ of my Hive Guard. After shooting 1 down, the other promptly kept distance.

I am sure Hafiz feels like a winner since he walked away from the gaming table wiser. With some experience and advise, I am sure he can fine tune an army list to one that suits his play style.


3 thoughts on “Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Tyranids

  1. u should play against patrick when you can.

    he nearly massacred me every game we played when i was playtesting nids (and its with a balanced sm list)

    then again, my test lists are crap compared to your more focused lists.

  2. why the BA player scout move the baal predators in the 1st game even though you got 1st turn?

    Why the BA player sit on his deployment zone and shoot the whole game?

    hmmm strange…

    1. You probably have to ask Hafiz why. 😀

      If I can make a guess, he’s new. Wanted to test how units work. Like children, we always try stuffs even when we know it’s unworkable/foolish. People say say only, so must try try to know.

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