Battle Report: SpaceWolves vs Deathwing

Time again for a gaming session with Apheleon on a Wednesday afternoon. Both of us have been busy lately and can’t meet up for a game till today. With the opening of our second casino in Singapore at Marina Sands, looking forward to getting some casino dice and accessories in our local stores soon. 😀 Anyways, onward to the battle report.

Apheleon’s SpaceWolves Roster (No change)
01 Rune Priest (Force weapon/Bolt pistol, Tempest wrath, Living lightning)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
05 Greyhunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Greyhunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Greyhunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Greyhunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
05 Greyhunter (Flamer, Razorback: Lascannon, TL Plasma gun)
01 Landspeeder (Multi melta, Heavy flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi melta, Heavy flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi melta, Heavy flamer)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons, Hunter-killer missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons, Hunter-killer missile)
01 Predator (Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons, Hunter-killer missile)

Grimcron’s Deathwing

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of war

Deathwing deployed first.

SpaceWolves deployment.

With no infiltration and scout moves, Apheleon roll for seize initiative and he DID!

Everything came onto the board on my top left with 3 Landspeeders on my right. With Night Fight in effect, nothing happens as Wolves fail to pierce the darkness.

Deathwing came in on my left as it’s the shortest distance to the Wolves for my multi meltas and also to pose a threat, that Wolves will ignore my vulnerable Terminators that was deployed. 1 Landspeeder moved 12″ while the other moved flat out to close the distance. While the distance from my Landspeeder to its nearest target is 24″, it’s not from my gun! Jeez. Terminators on the other hand did better, immobilized 1 Landspeeder, shakes another.

With minimum movement, Wolves shoots plenty into the advancing 1st company of Angels of Absolution. Utterly destroying 1 Predator and stunning 1 Landspeeder. Beliah took a wound from autocannon round.

Everything move closer except Predator. Landspeeder broke cover and targeted a Razorback, fails to hit. Predator shot but fails to do anything. Dreadnoughts ran 1″. My Terminators did better, shaking 1 Landspeeder, destroyed multi melta from the 2nd and immobilizing the 3rd Landspeeder.

With the exposed Landspeeder, almost the whole army shot at it. When the smoke clears, it suffered immobilized, weapon destroyed(multi melta) and stunned. O.O Must be frustrating being not able to take out that AV10 thingie with so many high strength guns. Multi melta was shot off from a Dreadnought. On my right, the only Landspeeder still with mobility moved up and flamed a squad of Terminators, they made all their saves.

Dreadnoughts continues to close in on my left. My Predator destroys a Predator, shooting at its side armor. Terminators also closes in to the Landspeeders. Terminators managed to immobilized the last Landspeeder with shooting. In assault, 2 Landspeeders got wrecked by Terminators.

With the lost of their wolve brothers, they redoubled their efforts to revenge their fallen brothers. Wrecking the Landspeeder infront of them, weapon destroyed and stunning a Dreadnought. On the other hand, Landspeeder vaporized a Terminator with multi melta. Dreadnoughts stunned my Razorback.

With a disabled Dreadnought in the way, the 2nd Dreadnought moves in to shoot at side armor of the nearest Predator. Landspeeder also broke cover and takes aim at the 2nd Predator. 1st up, Dreadnought fires, misses. 2nd up, Landspeeder fires, hits with immobilizing result. 3rd up, Predator fires, shakes Razorback. 4th up, Terminator fires, immobilizing Dreadnought. A very unsatisfactory shooting as immobilizing is as good as nothing happened cause they don’t move anyway. On my right, Deathwing Terminators charged last Landspeeder and wrecks it.

With the latest onslaught from the Angels, Wolves are determined to even the odds. Shooting saw the Landspeeder, weapon destroyed (multi melta) and shaken. Dreadnought got wrecked. 2nd Dreadnought gets immobilized and weapon destroyed (multi melta). On my right, Razorback suffers 2 weapon destroyed and immobilized results.

With my Dreadnoughts and Landspeeders neutralized, I retreated my Landspeeder behind to deny KP. Dreadnought is stuck there. Deathwing Terminator move up and assaults Predator, whecks it. Predator shot Razorback, destroyed plasma gun. Deathwing Terminator on my right shot a Dreadnought and immobilizing it.

At this point, Wolves have earned 4KP (Predator, Landspeeder, Dreadnought and Razorback). Angels earned 5KP (Predator and 3 Landspeeders). Trying to winning the odds, Wolves fired every weapon on armor for the easy kill but unfortunately, at this critical time, most of them fail to hit or fail to glance/pen.

Shooting at armor yields no result for the Angels, so the only thing they can do is assault it. Deathwing Terminators assaults last Predator and easily wrecks it with chainfist.

Game ended.
Space Wolves earned 04KP.
Deathwing earned 06KP.


  • Both of our soldiers are seriously out of practice. Can’t handle their respective weapon!
  • I miss judged with my range of multi melta on my Landspeeder on first turn. Yes, there is a 24″ distance between the Landspeeder and the Predator BUT it’s less than 24″ from my gun to Predator. Jeez.
  • Armor has once again proved to be the highlight of 5th edition 40K. Even with rolling on penetrating table on vehicle damage, a vehicle can take quite a lot of punishment. It took 4 turns from average 8 autocannon shots per turn to destroy 1 AV11 Razorback. On my end, I have immobilized result on 2 Predator, 2 Dreadnought and 3 Landspeeders but only 1 destroyed result whole game.
  • The terrain on my left seems to have favoured my forces as Wolves have problem seeing my units through the many tall terrains. This allowed my forces to advance up safer and disallowed Wolves to really concentrating firepower.
  • Space Wolves would probably do better if they deployed offensively just opposite my Terminator squad that is already on the table. With clear lanes of fire and little terrain for me to hide behind, with so many AP2 shots, not sure my Terminators can survive for long. Deathwing has low model count thus with his superior firepower, it shouldn’t be hard to wipe off most of my Terminators in short turns.

Thank you for reading this battle report. Please do post any comment just as a show of hands that you drop by. This will motivate me to post my battle reports as I know that you are reading them, probably helping you to improve your game. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Battle Report: SpaceWolves vs Deathwing

  1. Not sure why your opponent plays space wolves. Nothing in that army takes advantage of the things sw can do better than sm. Well, chooser of the slain I guess…

    As always, love the battle reports.

  2. Keep the battlereps coming! They are always a good read =)

    Maybe Aphelon can consider having more threatening speed bumps in his list (e.g., rhinos with 2 combi-melta WG or 5GH and 1 WG) by switching from his under-performing landspeeders. These melta-speed bumps if ignored, can prove quite troublesome too (1WG+5GH or even 2 WGs can still do some damage as compared to the landspeeders after their vehicles are wrecked). For now, there is nothing deterring or effectively stalling the opponent from advancing onto his gunline.

    Personally, 3 long fangs with their split fire ability have also performed better than the predators (and they tend to be ignored too).

  3. Hihi,

    Thanks for sharing the batreps man, they are a great read especially if they involve the Deathwing 🙂

    I use mostly the Termis and Dreadnoughts. But always lose lah. I played against Tsui’s Space Wolves and only my librarian and 2 Termis left at end of game haha!

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