Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Tau Empire

Met YC at gaming club many months ago but we havn’t got the chance to play each other till last saturday (8th May 2010). As I like to play 1750pts, YC only have Chaos Marines at this point level so that’s what I am up against.

Since YC just recently bought a copy of battle mission, we decided to give it a go. Rolling off, YC won the roll and continue to roll for which Chaos mission.

Mission: KP (All none vehicle unit that is destroyed are put into reserves)
Deployment: Pitch battle (9″ from the center, effectively a 18″ no man zone)
Special: All units are stubborn USR and has preferred enemy USR in close combat.

YC’s Chaos Marines Roster
01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Khorn, Wings)
05 Terminators (05 Combi-melta)
10 Chaos Marines (01 Power fist, 01 Missile launcher, 01 Melta gun)
10 Chaos Marines (01 Power fist, 01 Missile launcher, 01 Melta gun)
10 Chaos Marines (01 Power fist, 01 Missile launcher, 01 Melta gun)
10 Berzerkers (01 Power fist, Rhino)
01 Land Raider (02 TL Lascannon, 01 TL Heavy bolter)
01 Obliterator
02 Obliterator

Grimcron’s Tau Empire Roster
01 Shas’El (TL Missile pod/Target lock)
03 Crisis (Plasma/Missile/Multi tracker)
03 Crisis (Plasma/Missile/Multi tracker)
03 Crisis (Plasma/Missile/Multi tracker)
06 Fire Warrior
10 Kroot (06 Hound)
10 Kroot (06 Hound)
08 Pathfinder (Devilfish: Burst cannon/SMS, Targeting array, Multi tracker, Disruption pod)
01 Piranha (Fusion gun)
01 Piranha (Fusion gun)
01 Broadside (TL Railgun/SMS/Targeting array, Teamleader, 01 Shield drone)
01 Hammerhead (Railgun/SMS, Targeting array, Multi tracker, Disruption pod)
01 Hammerhead (Railgun/SMS, Targeting array, Multi tracker, Disruption pod)

Chaos deployment, Terminators in deepstrike reserves.

Tau deployment, Firewarriors in reserves.

Deploying into a flank to concentrate on the units on the left. Piranhas will move out to cause traffic jam. That is the plan.

YC now rolls if he would go first on 2+ according to mission, he rolls a 1.

With this unexpected turn of event, Piranhas moved out without their Gun Drones as planned. Broadside took a shot at Landraider and destroys it. A Crisis team immobilized the Rhino. On my left, Hammerheads and 2 Crisis team shot at a Chaos Marine squad and killed enough to roll morale check, they passed.

Everything move closer. Shooting saw a drone died from Broadside. Rhino self repaired.

Since Daemon Prince broke cover and is within LOS, some shots went into it and dealt a few wounds. Crisis team and Hammerhead shot 2nd Chaos Marine squad on my left, again passing their morale check. Piranhas shot Rhino and destroys it.

All units of Chaos moved closer except Obliterators. Obliterator shot Hammerhead and shakes it. 1 Chaos Marines charged into first line of Kroots, winning combat but Kroots hanged in there. Berzerkers disembarked from Rhino and moved into terrain. 2nd Obliterator squad removed fusion gun from 1 Piranha.

With the really exposed Daemon Prince, a lot of shots went to him as if it reach my lines it will be doing plenty of damage. Atlas, I fail to bring it down but at least it is down to it’s last wound. Kroot hounds finishes off last Champion, consolidates into forest.

Terminators arrived from reserves, deepstrike successfully at my right lines and fired off 5 melta guns on 1 Crisis team wiping them out. The wiped out Chaos Marines arrive back and runs towards Tau line. On my right, the Chaos Marines and Berserkers continue to close it. Daemon Prince moved up, wanted to charge Kroots but failed due 1/2″ short. Extreme left Chaos Marines charges into my 2nd line of Kroots, kills a few, they fight on.

Crisis team failed to come in from reserves. With the threat from Daemon Prince and Terminators so near, they are number one priority. Broadside took care of Daemon Prince. Crisis team managed to plasma Terminators to death. Top Kroot squad moves in to aid the fight, winning combat but Chaos Marines stays on.

Daemon Prince came back and flew in. Terminators failed to come in. With Tau attempt to slow the advance of the Berkserkers with Piranha, the Berserkers charged it and stunned it. Kroots continue to fight and they fight on. Obliterator destroyed 1 Piranha.

Crisis team came in on the left to support. Devilfish moved to the right to try block the incoming assault. Hammerheads brought Daemon Prince down to 2 wounds. Crisis team plasma the Chaos Marines on the right but fail to do significant damage.

Daemon Prince charges into melee with the Kroots an d wins combat, both Kroot unit passed morale check. Chaos Marines charged into Devilfish but deals nothing. Berzerkers managed to charged into a Crisis team and easily wipe them. Terminators deep struck in and scatters away. They shot at Pathfinders and kills 1.

Crisis team once again enters game and concentrated fire on Terminators. Killing 3, failed morale check and falls back. Shooting on the Chaos Marines on the right also saw the whole squad got wiped. Daemon Prince easily wins combat but both squad passed leadership. Broadside targeted lone Obliterator and kills it.

Berzerkers continues to move closer but unable to reach anything to assault. Chaos Marines continues to close in once again but not close enough yet. Daemon Prince wins combat and 1 squad fails leadership and falls back.

Game ended. Tau earned 8KP vs Chaos Marines with 6KP.



2 thoughts on “Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Tau Empire

  1. Your memory very good, can remember alot of details in earlier turns. I only remember the turn 6. The chaos marine charge the pathfinders and killed all except 1 which stay. Berserkers pistol shot a gun drone hiding inside the ruin and manage to sly 1 KP.

  2. Cool report, love the pics.

    Battle Missions are odd. I played a few of them and they really are fun for one off games, but can be very unbalancing.

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