What have I been doing while sick?

The fever is under control now but body is still quite weak. Nonetheless, had to do something to kill time so I did a little modification to my Rhino/Razorback.


I added a Dozer Blade!

But it’s not a simple Dozer Blade…

I magnetized it!

Quite simple when you have all the tools.
1. With a 2mm hobby drill, drill 2 holes on the Rhino and 2 holes on the blade.
2. Fit/force 2mm rare earth magnet in (no glue needed).
3. Paint.

Why do I need dozer blade on my Rhino/Razorback?
Well, it’s for the up-coming SporeCON 2010 doubles tournament. After some play testing, getting immobilized by myself is not helping so I added Dozer Blade. What other reason would I need? 😛 Yes, my Razorback includes storm bolter upgrade. Wanted to do lascannon + tl-plasma gun razorback option but I don’t feel like modifying it that way. To keep my Rhino and Razorback still compatible when switching between both, I just paid the points to get WYSIWYG.

Now to think of what to do next. Hmm…