SporeCON 2010 pre-game

Today is 3rd June 2010. How fast time flies. Soon it will be the annual SporeCon 2010, Singapore’s only annual gaming convention.

This year’s Warhammer 40K tournament is doubles and I am fortunate to find a wonderful partner to participate. We will be playing Chaos Marines and Space Marines. We are called CHAOS THEORY. Yeah, we just do our thing and let what is to happen happen. 😀

How I am preparing for the event. Refresh my mind with articles like, How not to be a douche by Goatboy, Empty Hand strategy by Stelek and many similar posts by good people.

Most importantly, I will be getting as much sleep as I can and drink plenty of water.

How are you preparing for your tournament?


4 thoughts on “SporeCON 2010 pre-game

  1. Getting enough sleep, food and water is definitely important. TBH I don’t do any preparing in terms of reading articles or practicing. However, I find it very important to get everything ready the night before the tourney. You never want to be scrambling your army together in the morning.

    Good luck in the tourney! Team tournaments are my favorite type of 40k tournament.

    1. Its a feature of wordpress to randomise a monster avatar. Most do not have an avartar so it is implemented.

      Thx for the blessing. I will be lucky. 😀

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