Post SporeCON 2010

SporeCON 2010 is over. I like to share my experience at this years convention.

Instead of doing battle reports of my games, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





Overall SporeCON2010 is ok but I didn’t enjoy that they used missions from the Battle Missions book. All three games are played with attacker and defender. On top of that, there is too much terrain on the tables. All tables has about 50-70% terrain except table 1.

On a side note, a few drama happened in this years SporeCON. Well, for starters a team was announced as winner on the day itself but got changed the next day saying the organizers miscalculated. Needless to say, this caused some emotions to fly. (Games on Sat, prize presentation on Sun).

I know a team walked away from the convention without submitting their report paper after their last game. They refuse to answer any calls. It’s obvious they are very unhappy about something.

There are 12 teams participating on 6 tables, at winner announcement at the end of the day a couple of team are already absent. Hmm…

No Malaysian team came. They had always organized and sent a quite a number of participants down. They are probably the only reason why I wanted to join SporeCON, to play somebody other then the locals. Bummer.

Guess I’ll have to look how SporeCON will do next year.

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    1. No idea where that bunker came from. It was also present at last years SporeCON, that is for sure.

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