Painting: Angels of Absolution complete with decals

Finally, it is completed. My Angels of Absolution was not complete until I gotten myself a decal sheet of Angels from ForgeWorld. To my surprise, a fellow gamer name Sheng also bought the same decal sheet not long ago. He needed Scorpions so we traded! This thus gave me enough decals to do my whole army! So sweet!

Deathwing Terminators.

Landspeeders and Dreadnoughts.

Razorback/Rhino and Predator.

A quick sharing how I do decals:
1. Paint the while area that needs decal with gloss varnish.
2. Using decal softener(Mr.Mark Setter) I apply a thin coat on the prepared surface.
3. Cut the decal as close as the printed logo, soak in water for about 10s.
4. Using a cosmetic pincer, transfer the decal to the model surface.
5. After it dried, I apply a coat of gloss varnish on the whole area.
6. After the varnish dried, a coat of matt varnish on the whole area.

With these steps, it should help the decal to stick onto the model for many many years with no signs of it pealing off or showing air bubbles. With the double coat of varnish, it should blend the decal to the model on a smooth surface.

Now to show it off. To the gaming table!


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