Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Deathwing

Nick, a guy who is only playing his 3rd 5th edition game, was my opponent in this game. He brought Chaos Marines and we played 1750pts.

Nick’s Chaos Marine Roster
01 DaemonPrince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime)
01 DaemonPrince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime)
05 Khorne Berzerkers (Champion w/ Power fist, Rhino)
05 Khorne Berzerkers (Champion w/ Power fist, Rhino)
05 Khorne Berzerkers (Champion w/ Power fist, Rhino)
05 Plague Marines (Champion w/ Power fist, 02 Melta Gun, Rhino)
05 Plague Marines (Champion w/ Power fist, 02 Melta Gun, Rhino)
02 Obliterators
02 Obliterators
02 Obliterators

Grimcron’s Deathwing Roster

Mission: Seize Ground (04 Objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead

Nick won the roll off but gave me first turn.

Deathwing deployment

Chaos Marines deployment

Failing to seize initiative.


Deathwing: Landspeeders moved 12″ up. Immobilized right Rhino, destroyed middle Rhino and Immobilized left Rhino. Terminators and Dreadnought moved up 6″, weapon destroyed left Rhino.

Chaos Marines: Obliterators moved up, all plasma cannon Terminators. All made their cover saves except one which is ignored due to Apocathery. Daemon Prince broke cover and assaulted closes Landspeeder and stunned it.


Deathwing: Left Landspeeder moved 12″ and flamed Obliterators dealing 1 wound. Right Landspeeder moved 12″, failed to hit with Multi Melta. Predators, Terminators and Dreadnought shot Daemon Princes and brings it down to 1 wound(red wing) and 3 wound(grey wing). Daemon Prince destroyed Landspeeder in assault phase.

Chaos Marines: Obliterators moved closer, shot plasma cannon and killed 1 Terminator. Another 2 squad of Obliterator shot Dreadnought with lascannon but failed to do anything (cover save ftw). Plague Marines on the top disembarked and shot melta guns at Landspeeder, rolled snake eyes. Assault saw the Landspeeder weapon destroyed and immobilized. Both Daemon Prince flew in and assaulted a Terminator squad, killing 3. Terminator on the other hand killed one Daemon Prince.


Deathwing: All shooting was targeted at 1 Obliterator squad to force those armor saves and successfully put some wounds. Multi Melta from Dreadnought instant killed 1xObliterator. In assault, 2 Dreadnought counter assault the Daemon Prince. The Daemon Prince split all his attacks around, stunned 1 Dreadnought, shakes the other Dreadnought and kills lightning claw Terminator. Dreadnought finishes off Daemon Prince. Plague Marines continue assault on Landspeeder and used frag granades this time, wrecks it.

Chaos Marines: Obliterator moves closer. Shooting saw weapon destroyed on the stunned Dreadnought.


Deathwing: Fire power is once again focusing on 1 Terminator squad, killing it by forcing armor saves. A Terminator squad moved up, shot and assaulted the lone Obliterator and puts a wound on it while taking 1 casualty. Predator move up 6″.

Chaos Marines: Obliterator squad multi melta the Dreadnought causing a weapon destroyed and immobilized result. Forcing a reroll on immobilized result, a wreck was rolled. A Berzerker squad moved up to counter assault the Terminators, Terminator kills off Obliterator before it gets to swing his power fist. Berzerker Champion kills 1 more Terminator. Terminators kills 1 Berzerker.


Deathwing: Last Terminator squad moved backwards about 3″ to secure 02 objectives while staying out of potenial charge range. Both Predators moved 12″ to contest objective. Dreadnought moved towards Obliterator squad and Plague Marine squad, assaults them. Obliterator and Dreadnought draws combat. Plague Marines dealt a stunned result to Dreadnought.

Chaos Marines: A Khorne Berzerker squad moved towards the Obliterator squad to counter assault the Dreadnought. 2nd Plague Marine squad moves towards the Predator (that is contesting his objective, on my left). Shooting by Plague Marines saw snake eyes again but they successfully destroyed the Predator in assault. Obliterator, Berzerker and Dreadnought continue their assault with Obliterator making his invul saves again, and the Dreadnought suffers another weapon destroyed result (now without arms). 1st Plague Marine squad finishes off Dreadnought, rerolling from an immobilized result to wreck.


Deathwing: Master Beliah moved and attached himself to the lone Terminator and assaults into 1st Plague Marine squad and fluffs all his attacks. Terminator kills 1 Plague Marine. Berzerker finishes off last Terminator squad on my left. Obliterator, Berzerkers and Dreadnought continues combat.

Chaos Marines: Berzerkers moved up closer to try assault my Terminator squad who is holding 2 objectives but are out of assault range. Master Beliah finish off the Plague Marines and consolidated towards the last Dreadnought. Obliterator, Berzerkers and Dreadnought still tied in combat.

Game ended with…
Chaos Marines claiming 1 objective : Deathwing claiming 2 objectives

1. I got quite good rolls on 1st turn with my Landspeeders. It effectively caused some traffic jam on Chaos side.
2. Obliterators under-performed, killing 2 Terminators with plasma cannon and wrecking a Dreadnought is all they did whole game. A part from unlucky dice rolls, all my units had cover saves.
3. Chaos are too reliant on Rhino making it across the board to deliver the assault troops. When their ride got destroyed, they just hid inside the transport. Maybe could have disembarked and make their way towards me.

It’s a good game and Nick is gracious to me when I made some errors in the game (shooting when I shouldn’t be able etc). Good sport he is. Hope he has a good time too and looking forward to our next game.