Battle Report: Chaos Marines vs Tau Empire

This is a practice game for an coming tournament coming Sat, 3rd July 2010 at Malaysia (Legio Malaysia gaming club).

Points are set at 1500 and I will be bringing my Tau Empire. Past experience has shown me they rarely played Tau so I hope to catch them by surprise.

I am playing Stanley, who is bringing Chaos Marines, and this is his army list.

Stanley’s Chaos Marines Roster
01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Nurgle Rot)
01 Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Nurgle Rot)
01 Greater Daemon
10 Chaos Marines (Champion, 02 Melta-gun, Rhino: Combi-melta)
10 Chaos Marines (Champion, 02 Melta-gun, Rhino: Combi-melta)
10 Lesser Daemon
02 Obliterator
01 Defiler (01 Battle Cannon, 04 DCCW)
01 Defiler (01 Battle Cannon, 04 DCCW)

Grimcron’s Tau Empire Roster
01 Shas’El (TL-Missile Pod/Target Lock, HW-BSF)
02 Crisis (Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod/Targeting Array)
02 Crisis (Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod/Targeting Array)
02 Crisis (Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod/Targeting Array)
06 Firewarriors
01 Devilfish (Burst Cannon/SMS, Targeting Array, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod)
10 Kroot/12 Hound
02 Piranha (02 Fusion Blaster, 04 Gun Drones, 02 Targeting Array, 01 Disruption Pod, 01 Target Lock)
02 Broadside (02 TL-Railgun/SMS/Targeting Array, Team Leader, HW-Target Lock)
01 Hammerhead (Railgun/SMS, Targeting Array, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod)
01 Hammerhead (Railgun/SMS, Targeting Array, Multi Tracker, Disruption Pod)

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead

Chaos Marines deployment (Forgot to take Chaos deployment photo. This is taken at end of Chaos turn 1. Just imagine the Rhinos etc 12″ backwards.)

Tau deployment with Firewarriors in reserves.


Everything moved up at max distance. Shooting saw only a Piranha shaken. Rhinos popped smoke.

Tau Empire:

Piranha moved 12″ up to intercept. Gun drones disembarked and fall back. Kroots moved back. Hammerhead on my left moved sides ways 6″ along with 01 Crisis team. Hammerhead on my top right moved upwards along with another Crisis team.

What I am planning was to split my forces into 3 parts, to try force Chaos to split his army so I can easier shoot it apart.

Shooting at only the Rhinos saw only 1 Rhino immobilized and the other Rhino with combi-melta gun destroyed. Stanley made most of the cover saves. 😦


Greater Daemon (primed black model) arrived and moved towards the Piranha. Mobile Rhino moved 12″ supported by Daemon Prince towards my table edge to catch my Hammerhead. Defiler moved up 6″. Rhino successfully self repair on immobilized result.

Shooting saw some Kroots die to battle cannon but not enough to force morale check.

Assault on Piranha by Daemon Prince and Greater Daemon, fail to hit any on 6s.

Tau Empire:

Hammerheads continue their way spreading outwards. Kroots continue to move backwards. Piranhas moved abit to continue blocking movement.

Piranha destroyed left Rhino with its fusion blaster. 2nd Rhino got destroyed too by Broadside. 1 Defiler got destroyed by Broadsides.


Daemon Prince closes in to try assault Kroot line. Chaos Marines on my bottom closes in on the Hammerhead. Chaos Marines on the top moved closer.

Shooting saw bottom Chaos Marines destroyed Hammerhead with melta gun.

Assault from Greater Daemon wrecked the Piranha.

Tau Empire:

Firewarriors arrived from reserves and boards Devilfish. Kroots continues to taunt the Daemon Prince, “You cannot catch me. You cannot catch me.” and moved backwards. With the Daemon Prince so close, Shas’El is now attached to Crisis team.

Shooting saw 2 Chaos Marine on my bottom died to plasma.  Last Defiler wrecked by Hammerhead. Rest of the firepower concentrated on exposed Daemon Prince and brought it down to 1 wound.

Current tally: CSM 2 to Tau 4.


Yes, we have not forgotten about the Lesser Daemons and they still hasn’t arrive. Daemon Princes moved up. Chaos Marines at the bottom closes in on my Crisis suits. Middle Chaos Marines closes in on my Broadsides.

Obliterators took out Railgun from the Hammerhead. Bottom Chaos Marines kills 1 Crisis suit and puts 1 wound on the 2nd suit. Daemon Prince cast nurgle rot and kills enough Kroot to force morale check, and Kroots falls off table. Still no assault for the Daemon Prince, makes a sad Daemon Prince.

Tau Empire:

With the Kroot gone, Gun drones step up and line up infront of the Devilfish. Crisis suit moved out of shooting range of the Chaos Marines.

Hammerhead and Crisis team puts a wound on Obliterator. Shooting saw 1 Daemon Prince dead.


Lesser Daemon enters game with 6″ of the icon bearer. Greater Daemon and Chaos Marines continues to press forward. Daemon Prince closes in on the Gun drones.

Daemon Prince used nurgle rot again and kills off the Gun drones(ran off table) that is protecting the Devilfish. Chaos Marines melta gun the broadsides and killed 1.

Assault saw Daemon Prince charging the Devilfish and wrecks it. Firewarriors disembarked and passes morale check.

Tau Empire:

This could be the last turn so I used the Firewarriors to form a bubble wrap for my Crisis team. Shooting from Crisis team and Broadside finishes off the Daemon Prince.

I rolled for game end…. game continues.


Kroots in the ruins are not there. It was my infantry casualty pile.

Everything moved forward but still fails to assault anything. Greater Daemon moved towards the Crisis team. Shooting at Broadside fails to do damage as it went to ground.

Tau Empire:

Shooting from Hammerhead and Crisis team on top kills off 1 obliterator. Firewarriors and Crisis team at my bottom shoots at Greater Daemon but fails to kill it off.

Stanley roll for game ends….. and it did.

Game ended: Chaos Marines earned 5KP, Tau Empire earned 6KP.


  1. I thought it was game over when Chaos gets first turn and me failing to do any real damage on first turn.
  2. Piranhas did their role exceptionally well again. Buying me more time to let me shoot.
  3. Tau basic strategy that I have learn and develop has helped me put it off. Denying my enemy juicy targets to assault.
  4. Spearhead deployment helped me as it puts more distance between the two armies.

As the tournament closes in, I hope I am better prepared and confident. Just play according to pre-plan battle plan and just execute.



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  1. Turns out I wasn’t able to attend the tournament because my grandmother passed away.

    Heard it was a well organized event. You can read it at

    Congratz to the winners.

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