Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Tyranids

It’s Tank’s(Ultramarine player) birthday and he asked for a game. As a present, I promised to draw the game. Hehe.. heading straight into the game.

Mission: Seized Ground (04 objectives)
Deployment: Pitch Battle

Winning dice off, I gave first turn to Ultramarines.

Ultramarine deployment. Scouts combat squad and infiltrated. 5 man on the ruins in the middle of the table while another 5 into the ruins on the extreme right close to the objective. 10man in Rhino in reserves.

Tyranid deployment

Tank’s Ultramarine Roster
01 Chaplain (Terminator armor)
01 Chaplain (Terminator armor)
05 Terminators (03 Thunder hammer/Storm shield, 02 Lightning Claws)
05 Terminators (03 Thunder hammer/Storm shield, 02 Lightning Claws)
10 Marines (Sgt Chainsword/Bolt pistol, Flamer, Multi melta, Rhino: Hunter killer missile)
10 Scouts (10 Sniper rifle, Camo-cloak)
01 Land Raider (02 TL-Lascannon, Heavy bolter, Multi melta, Hunter killer missile)
01 Land Raider Redeemer (02 Flamestorm cannon, Heavy bolter, Multi melta, Hunter killer missile)


Both Land Raiders moved 12″ and Landspeeders moved flat out. Shooting at with lascannon saw a Zoanthrope died to instant death.

Everything moved 6″ as able. Both Tervigon spawned some Termagant then exhausted (both rolled double). Harpy wrecked a Landspeeder and Hive Guard destroyed the other Landspeeder. A lucky shot from Hive Guard immobilized godhammer Land Raider.


Terminators from immobilized Land Raider disembarked and moved toward Tyranids line. Redeemer moved another 12″. Shooting saw minimum damage. Terminators charged the screening Termagants and wipe them all out.

Hive Tyrant cast Paroxysm on Terminators squad. Zoanthrope warp lance Redeemer and wreck it. Whole army unload at the Terminators in front and forced so many armor saves that only Chaplain, 1 Thunderhammer and 1 Claw Terminator left. Tyranids charged assault in and wipe them all out.


Rhino came in from reserves and moved behind the immobilized Land Raider. Terminators moved up but is still out of assault range.

Cast Paroxysm again on the Terminator squad and unloaded everything causing again left chaplain, 1 thunderhammer and 1 claw Terminator left. Hive Guard shot at Rhino and destroyed it.


Scouts fired at a Harpy, caused 3 wounds with 3 rending. Terminator squad assault Termagant and wipe it out.

Hive Tyrant cast Paroxsym on Terminator squad. Shooting saw all the Terminators dead except Chaplain. Zoantherope warp lance Land Raider and wreck it. Harpies shot at scouts and killed 4, they failed morale check and fall back. 2nd brood of Termagant charged into assault with Tervigon, no decisive action result from the assault.


Scout rallied and head towards the objective. Assault with Chaplain continues with no result still.

Hive Tyrant shot and last scout and kills it off easy. One Harpy charged into assault and got killed by Chaplain instead.


Only at the end of turn when both Hive Tyrant charged into assault did they finish off the Chaplain.

Game ended. Ultramarines 1 objective, Tyranids 1 objective.

Happy birthday again. 🙂