Army List: Tyranids 1000pts

There is an upcoming noob tournament in my area. Points are set at 1000pts and nope, I am not playing it. I am no baby seal basher. 😛 Nonetheless, as a ‘veteran’ I need to come up a 1000pts list that is optimised and reflect my ‘veteran’ status.

After much thought I have arrive at the following army list.

01 Tyranid Prime (Boneswords/Scything Talon)
01 Tyranid Prime (Boneswords/Scything Talon)
10 Termagant (Fleshborer)
10 Termagant (Fleshborer)
12 Termagant (Fleshborer)
02 Carnifex (02 Scything Talon, Frag Spines)
02 Carnifex (02 Scything Talon, Frag Spines)

There is a strategy to be used with this army list. First allow me to share how I arrive at this army list.

At 1000pts region, usually there is more infantry then vehicles and played on 4′ by 4′ table. An army that this moved slow should have no problem engaging the enemy around turn 3.

Going the shooting route seems boring so I want to try an all assault approach.

I do not have Hormagant or many Warriors. This forced me to look at fielding Carnifex. Why not Trygon/Mawloc? Cause I want to hit a combo with Carnifex brood.

With Tyranid Prime and Carnifex brood, this is a death-star unit capable of winning assault against any unit. Against multi wounds hammer units like Thunderwolf Calvary, Blood Crushers, Nob Bikers etc, this Prime+Carnifex will eat them. Watch how the Prime deals instant death wounds through Boneswords and Carnifexes with Str9.

Against vehicles, Carnifex with rerolling to hits by Scything Talon is especially good.

The most important is how I am giving them all 4+ cover saves at all times while I move the whole column up towards the ‘food’. Hehe… the secret will be revealed when you played against me. Muahahaa….

I realized it is a bit low on troops but they will do since if ever they are shot, they will simply hit the floor. 😛 If they shoot the Termagants, the death star will arrive intact and eat them up. If they shoot the death star unit, my Termagant will score for me. V

In summary, I have 2x death star units with a total of 22 wounds (11wounds each unit), moving up with 3+ armor & 4+ cover saves.

Now to see the sweat break out on my opponent’s face.

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  1. Haha, after playing 4 games with this…. this list sucks. Ate humble pie. Oh well. I made another 1k list and it seemed to have fair better.

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