Battle Report: Salamanders vs Tyranids

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Marines 1750 Roster
01 Vulcan
01 Librarian (Null Zone, Smite)
05 Terminators (Thunder hammer/Storm Shield)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
01 Dreadnought (02 TL Autocannon)
10 Marines (Multi Melta, Flamer, Rhino)
10 Marines (Multi Melta, Flamer, Rhino)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
01 Landspeeder (Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer)
02 Landspeeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter)
01 Land Raider Crusader (Multi Melta)

Marines deployment.

Tyranids deployment, you just look at turn01 picture. It’s exactly the same except it’s 5″ closer to the enemy.

Tyranids moved up. Shooting saw only 1 Landspeeder stunned by Hive Guards.

Landspeeder broke cover, deals 1 wound to Tyrannofex. Assault cannon from Land Raider deals another wound to Tyrannofex.

Tyranids continue to move up. Shooting saw previously stunned Landspeeder destroyed, exposed Landspeeder with heavy flamer destroyed and multi melta from Land Raider destroyed.

Shooting from Marines saw Tyrannofex takes another 2 wounds from concentrated firepower. Termagant went to ground from shooting too. As the left Hive Guards brood are not protected by catalyst(FnP failed to cast), they got torrented to death.

Harpy flew out to Landspeeder and wrecks it using heavy venom cannon. Hive Guards managed to wreck 1 Typhoon Landspeeder and stuns the other. Tyrannofex immobilized Land Raider using rupture cannon.

Marines took out the wounded Tyrannofex by forcing it making armor saves.

Harpy attempts at whacking Land Raider only managed to stun it. Hive Guards shot at Typhoons and destroyed all weapons. Tyrannofex shot at Typhoon in turn and stuns it. Jeez… that Landspeeder just won’t go down.

Terminators finally decides to disembark, assaulted Termagant and Harpy, and wipes them out easily. Shooting also saw Hive Guard taking 1 casualty.

With the Terminators exposed, Harpy and Tyranid Prime moves up to assault. As Harpy flew over the Terminators, it dropped 3 spore mines that hit the target. Shooting everything into the Terminator squad saw it reduced to 2 Terminator, 1 wound Librarian and full wound Vulcan. Assault saw the Termagants killed to 1 model, Harpy takes 2 wounds, Tyranid Prime takes 2 wounds. On the other hand Librarian died, 1 Terminator died and Vulcan takes 1 wound from Prime, and he passes leadership test from bonesword(3D6, rolled 9).

At the end of the turn, Vulcan fnishes off Prime and Terminator finishes off Harpy with ease.

Game ended, Salamanders 11KP to Tyranids 3KP.

Oh sucks. Really, KP game sucks.