Sore Loser

Had 3 games with Kenny G yesterday afternoon. Suppose to play and help him practice for the noob tournament that he intends to participate. What happened was I rolled terribly, and to the extend it was kinda off chart. That set me back and a big rub on my ego as I simply failed to do anything turn after turn, game after game. What happen next is I became the sore loser.

Life is a constant struggle. I beat Pride 2 years ago(figurative speaking), now Pride has gotten me again. Upon some self reflection, maybe I should have said something else. Example, I failed my to hits… instead of ‘whining’, I should have exclaimed how terrified it was that it misses all! When opponent is successfully making almost all his saves, I could have exclaimed how powerful his aura from his army is! Basically, to celebrate my opponent’s good fortune!

To Kenny G, sorry for the attitude I had yesterday during our game. I truly hope it won’t happen again.

A lesson learned.